Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This is Just SO Adorable.

They talk like sailors! With their little white, starched hats and their short bellbottoms!

"Stay the course!" is a naval term, you know. Ronald Reagan made it popular, so it's natural that Republicans use it whenever possible. Reagan at least had a boat and enjoyed sailing, though. King George I was a Navy Ace, so it was natural that he'd use the term. But little George went AWOL... from the Texas Air National Guard. Guardsmen normally make fun of sailor talk.

So it's pretty funny (adorable, as I said) that little Jeff Snowflake is saying House Republicans "...need a new course."

I said the other day that these guys are doomed to fail. It's not going to change. Not with back-benchers like Snowflake trying to take over. Republicans will take years to reform their party.

By the way, read Little Snowflake's bio. It's just adorable!

It's also why I refer to him as a back-bencher.

I'll give you a better breakdown of the GOP (as it exists today) in a while.

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