Friday, January 13, 2006

Robertson Apology Not a Surprise.

Newwww. Not at all. That's because he was being cut out of a $50 million deal to build a "Christian Heritage Theme Park" in Israel for those ugly comments about Ariel Sharon being "smote down" (or somesuch nonsense) because of God's anger at Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza.

What utter weird, nonsensical, fantastic, bullshit.

Actually, pretty much what we've expected from the loopy televangelist for many, many years now.

The "biblical heritage park," as I understand it, would be built on land that is thought to be the site near where Jesus Christ preached his gospel of love and salvation through forgiveness. It will include outdoor amphitheaters, a garden and nature park, a Holy Land exhibit, an auditorium and a media center.

I guess all Robertson's other financial dealings, the diamond mines and all, weren't enough.

Let's see... what was it that I remember from Bible school about Jesus and the money changers at the temple? Was it... ?

No. That's not it. Maybe more clues could be found here.

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