Thursday, December 15, 2005

Big Trouble for Big Jim.

Until today's Trib, I was pretty sure that only Mike Miner and I were the ones who saw this coming.

No one on that board should be able to claim ignorance of what was going on.

I think that's what that little fiduciary responsibility thing is all about.

I could be wrong.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hastert: Torture, Secret Search/Seizure Good! (Grunt!)


This is a man who has no shame.

Who has the audacity to claim that as the Speaker, he holds to the time-honored position of not voting on measures in the House.

Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert hides behind a thin veil of gentlemanly comportment.

My Dad had a name for you.

The Death of Freedom.

House passes extension of so-called "Patriot Act" provisions.

Denny Hastert (Heart)s Illegal Search and Seizure.
    Solemn Strikes the Funeral Chime,
    Notes of our Departing Time,
    As we journey here below
    Through a pilgrimage of woe.

Denny Hastert: Accountable To No One.

Period. Got that, fella?

That's what you get when you call and ask the staff how much he paid for his 192-acre estate, if it was a lump sum cash payment, if the mortgage on the house was taken during the closing or after. Maybe to provide some cover for a guy who pretends he just fell off the cabbage truck, and who paid millions in cash for an estate, eh?

Maybe it was for a loan to a family member, hmm?

In any case, ask Hastert's multimillion dollar press organization a tough question and you get a shove back.

That's all Heavy D and the boyz give the NPAT survey, too.

Because it's none of your business.

Here's a Blog Topic for Denny Hastert.

Let's talk about torture, shall we?

It's a nice holiday topic that we can all appreciate right about now. I don't see that Hastert has mumbled anything original (or substantive) on the topic. Anywhere.

Let's not hype it up with Fristy talk about "taking out your family" (and by that, I do not mean out for fried chicken).

You can justify anything with that kind of rhetoric. After all, our Moon demonstrates a threat of falling from the sky and crashing into the earth, yet we don't advocate unloading the world's nuclear arsenal in an attempt to blow it out of the night sky.

So let's see some folksy talk on the DennyBlog about this purported "torture ban compromise" between McCain and Hadley.

Why won't Denny Hastert tell us what he thinks about torture?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Zippy the Pinhead at the Mall.

Hastert joins the Commerce Secretary for a "shopping trip" to tell everyone how great the economy is doing.

Because we need to keep hearing it. Over and over again. So we'll believe it.

Keep saying it. It becomes true!

Notice in the article, where Hastert and Gutierrez speak of their mutual support of the protracted, painful plan of re-inventing the American economy of the late-19th Century on the backs of lower-wage labor and the poor while lowering taxes for the wealthy, The Speaker mentions buying treats for the Dogs. Nothing for Mrs. H.

Maybe he's already gotten her presents from foreign nationals this year. Or maybe he got her something with the cash he took from them.

Remember 12-12.

Forget 9-11. 12-12 was possibly the worst day in American history.

Stop Living In Your 12-11 Mindset™.

We're Living in a 12-13 World®.

Because 12-12 Changed Everything™.

How very sad, but true.

Via the lovely and talented Carolyn Kay at

That's Not Funny, That's Sick.

As funny as Karl Rove Condoms seems, it's kind of gross to think of that image, or its association with sex... or touching it with my body parts...

Oh, my God.

One thing for sure: No Hastert Condoms or Sensenbrenner Condoms on the market.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Speaking of Bad...

My memory fails me. I'm positive that I saw polls a week or two ago that showed Odd Rod leading any GOP challenger. Haven't seen anything like that since when I've gone to document it.

What are you seeing, and what are your thoughts on a Blagojevich-Topinka race for ILGOV?

No Clemency for Tookie.

Anybody surprised? Not me. Schwarzenegger is racking up a number of really bad, politically-motivated decisions.

Good argument for the "Life/Hard Labor" sentences taking the place of the death penalty, no?

DOD Ships Dead Home as Commercial Cargo.

CNN just reported a heartbreaking story about how the military is shipping the cardboard caskets containing the remains of fallen U.S. soldiers in the cargo holds of commercial airliners.

Not military transport. Not military Honor Guards meeting the remains to honor war heroes.

Baggage handlers handle the cardboard boxes along with the other freight that's shipped in the hold.

They ride home with luggage. No flags.

Apparently, like hiring a company to serve (spoiled, in many cases) meals, it's more "cost-effective" this way.

Why doesn't Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert get on the phone, with all his "power and might" and give the DOD Hell about this?

Is it because he didn't serve, and got an interesting deferment to stay out of VietNam?

Is it because he wasn't aware of the horrible treatment our soldiers and their families are given in such circumstances?

Is it because he doesn't give a single God-Damn about it?

The Phoney "War on Christmas."

Sam Seder is eating alive Bob Knight of the American Family Somethingorother Institute on CNN.

What a ridiculous waste of time that could be spent covering actual news.