Monday, July 24, 2006

Get Out Of The Way.

You've undoubtedly heard the old adage that if you "can't lead, learn to follow or get the hell out of the way."

How sweet the sound of late as we hear Newt Gingrich ramping up the volume on his "World War III" nonsense, Secretary of State Ferragamo yakking about not wanting a ceasefire in the Mideast crisis between Israel and Hezbollah, and King George's shallow, idiotic comment that once that Syrians tell Hezbollah to "stop this shit... it's all over."

Well, for some actual irony, let's look at who's "leading" our country. In case you need more than the hour-to-hour reminder you get from briefly scanning the headlines, it's a do-nothing moron who's never amounted to anything in life on his own; a man who has made a political career of siding with people who intentionally fuck up government to reinforce the underlying theme of their political commentary that government cannot solve problems because it is the problem.

Once you recognize that, and take it at face value -- and you must at this point -- you can clearly see that our government, which is formed from a group of wholly incompetent, malevolent nincompoops, is meeting all of its stated objectives.

By now, you can tick off an easy list of utter failures, all of which are the direct result of the GOP and the entire Rogue's Gallery of players they've assembled:
Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert
Election Fraud 2000
Energy Fraud in California
Intifada II
Repeated Economic Failures
Tax Breaks for Energy Waste
Explosive Growth of Government
Phoney Unemployment Numbers
Slow, Unabated Collapse of US Manufacturing
Slow, Excruciating & Protracted Death of US Automakers
FEMA Fraud to Buy Votes in 2004 FL Hurricanes
Election Fraud 2004
Monumental Breakdown of the WTO

At one time, I thought it was all part of a grand scheme. Now, however, I strongly believe every one of those failures was simply the result of rampant, unchecked, ham-fisted stupidity and negligence.

At some point, it's going to be clearly spelled out so it becomes obvious to even the moron contingent that these people are quite simply incapable of governing at any level. And if you have to justify that belief with some kind of proof, it will be the resounding proof demonstrated in every case I've listed, that these "leaders" justified their acts by blaming government for not being a solution.