Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Abramoff Deal Will Be Very Bad Deal For Denny.

Oh, yeah. Anyone out there thinking that Hastert won't be hurt because of his squeaky clean image should think again.

The image is clean because the details have been kept from you.

Illinoisans: Think "Paul Powell."

While I doubt there are shoeboxes full of cash to be found at the Plano estate, you're going to start seeing two things while Hastert's Do-Nothing (Good) Congress is out on "DeLayed" holiday this month.

First, you're going to start seeing rats who are not tainted by Abramoff getting together and talking about how to take their party back. That's bad for Hastert, who would undoubtedly be jettisoned in the maelstrom. I don't think those efforts will succeed, though.

Second, you and I have just started the first year of the worst years of Denny Hastert's political life. A good deal of his dirty back-stabbing political deals are going to start unraveling out of the grips of his handlers.

Watch, learn, enjoy!

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