Friday, May 05, 2006

Hey, Ron Bonjean.

Can't you buy a new fucking verb with your salary?

US News Wire: Speaker Hastert Hails New Job Growth; More than 138,000 Jobs Created in April

Oh, by the way... Why are we "hailing" disappointing numbers like these? Analysts expected 200,000.

Hooray for Steve Johnson...

of the Chicago Tribune, who writes:
Like all of the postings on Hastert's "blog" (, which he began in October, the new post was a fairly generic recap of what's been going on in the House, viewed through GOP-colored glasses. "We had another busy week here in the House of Representatives," it says.

It's written with all the warmth and personal appeal of a mass Christmas letter ...

I can't believe our taxes actually pay for emails being sent out to the media announcing "The Speaker has a new posting on his blog!"

What the Queen of Fuck is this world coming to?

Hastert, Sensenbrenner: We're Better Than Egypt.

Oh, Great!

I'll sleep well tonight knowing that the one thing in Egypt for illegal aliens that would be worse than the Hastert/Sensenbrenner "Illegal Felon Alien Act" might possibly be along the lines of fist fucking prisoners.

Who makes this shit up for the AP, anyway?

Friday Night Cock Photo & Some Hot Chicks.

Oh, baby I love this feature.
This next one gets me hot...

Get a load of these chicks soaking up the heat!

Simply Out of Control.

To everyone who woke up to the news that the vice president is baiting the Russians again, whose leaders and former leaders are sending back the message that they won't be pushed around.

No, no... You didn't wake up in the 50s... although your Republican leadership has been trying desperately to turn back the clock since 1994.

It's just Cheney again.

Seems like when this asshole isn't shooting the face off of his "friend," he's shooting his fucking crazy big mouth off again.

And no one believed me when I said he's an overweight drunk with a bad heart...

Hastert Loses 1/3 of Republican Support.

Incredible. 31% of those Reaganauts who would not have their resolve shaken (heh) are now wanting Hastert and his wrecking crew out of power.

Oh, yeah. You can now call him President-Forty-Five-Percent-of-Conservatives-Disapprove.

Double heh.

Looks like I might be posting cock pictures early today...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

You Go, Bridget!

One of my very favorites, Bridget Dooley, has got her new blog thang goin'.

Visit her at Bridget in the Sixth.

Obviously, BD's a baseball fan, no?

What We Call "All Mobbed Up."

The House "Lobbying Reform" bill that passed, thanks to 8 weakling Democrats who were too chicken to stand up for what's right, really shows how badly Republicans have destroyed the Republic.

It used to be that you could actually vote your conscience in the House, and stand by it; you could actually fight and win by voting your conscience and doing the right thing.

Today, because of 8 chickens who are afraid of losing their jobs in November, House Republicans can now attempt to campaign on "lobbying reform" which really changes nothing.

In some circles, we might say that these guys are so wedded to the God-Damned corruption that they don't dare turn their backs on their connections. That's what you call "all mobbed up."

It's hard to see who the chickens really are.

Hastert to NOLA, Troops:

Fuck you! And, oh yeah. Fuck you, too!

In a fit of fiscal restraint that seems to have come from nowhere, Hastert says the Senate version of the emergency suppplemental bill for New Orleans and our troops in Iraq is DOA.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Sunday will be an important mile marker for me, for you, for the election.

On Sunday, the election will be officially six months away.

Do you know where your candidates are?

I'll have something special for you all on the 7th to make your day.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Crooked Line Leads To Denny.

At once, anyone looking at a map of the proposed Hastert Highway can see what a crooked dog-leg trail it makes through Kendall County. Odd, isn't it?

I've noted before the connection Hastert and his cronies have to John Menard, and what a big coincidence it seemed that the final plan for the HH would run past Menard's warehouse outside Plano.

Thanks to Yinn's post, I've had a number of good leads confirmed by this writer at citybarbs.

This is absolutely essential reading.

Two thoughts to follow up, though. 1: If I were Mr. Dan Kenney of DeKalb, I would get a dog and a gun and watch myself. 2: I would get one motherfucker of an attorney to walk that information to the press and to Governor Rod Blagojevich, who it is rumored, is looking for a reason to spend Hastert's $207 Million on other projects.

Fristy Gets Smacked Down by Katie.

I'm no Katie Couric fan, for sure. I'm probably never watching CBS again after they hired her to read the evening news.

I am, however, a fan of anyone who smacks down Fristy, as she did this morning.

Couldn't resist sharing after seeing this on Crooks & Liars tonight.

Dems Run The Table on Bolton.

Democrats on the House Government Reform Committee, which hosted U.S. Asshole to the U.N. John Bolton today (RealPlayer clip), ran the table today, pressing Bolton on Sanctions against Iran.

Bolton, incredibly, held it together... well, reasonably well. He's still an unrelenting asshole, though.

Dobbs: Congress "Powerless."

Lou Dobbs opens with the fact that the Republican party has no fucking idea what to do with the current energy crisis.

Add to it a great shot of Hastert waddling slowly to a microphone.

heh. The Republican party has lost Lou Dobbs.

Watch the replay later tonight if you're still at work.

Never Say Never.

I am not ready -- nor will I be before election day -- to call the House for Democrats. It is heartening that Americans are beginning to finally favor Democrats over Republicans by nearly 2-1 to govern; seen as trustworthy to deal with gas prices, the economy, etc.

I just am not convinced Democrats won't find a way to fuck this up before it's over. I've seen it before.

If the local "committee" is any indication, we're in trouble. These stupid fuckers won't even have a meeting, it appears, because they haven't figured out where to meet yet.

They also appear to be equally adept at attracting new people to their "forums" (more like a message system that saves them from using the phone...)

It could be a long six months.

Wonkette's Take.

Haven't seen much of Wonkette lately, so missed this post Friday on Hastert's dash back to his Suburban last week after riding in the Hydrogen Fuel Minivan of the Future.

She calls it: Pussy Cars, in Hastert's view.

Didn't See This One Coming?

In the Right's relentless attack on a free press -- the last place the common man can go for fairness and the truth -- this will one day define the term, "Cheneyesque."

This clearly shows that these people have no respect for our system of checks and balances, or the concept of a free and independent media that would attempt to keep our government accountable to the people.

Monday, May 01, 2006

When Axioms Go Bad.

Remember the one, "You Always Get About What You Pay For"?

It really doesn't work in this case, because this is what you get from a multi-million-dollar staff of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.


"Best in 2.5 years" really doesn't do it for me. How about you?

At this point, you could say "Best in 5 years!!!!!" which is pretty much what every economic report says now in its opener. It means nothing.

Oh, yeah. Remember: It's Your Money.

Colbert Bitch-Slapped The Room.

No one could have done a better job smacking the President and the entire Washington D.C. Press Corps at the same time.

To watch the replay of Colbert's opening, and the cooool reaction he received from both the Bushes and the press corps, click here.


So Now It's A Crisis.

Secretary Bodman gave the country a refreshing bit of candor yesterday. Perhaps the first from this administration in its long, sloggish history.

It's an Energy Crisis.


I was beginning to think I made up the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about what a complete loony-toons version of the energy price forecast Bodman's hacks had written.

If you need any more evidence of what a completely incompetent bunch of boobs the George W. Bush administration has lined up to run your government with your money, drop me a line.

And if you need any more evidence of what a vacuous place Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert and Fristy have made of Congress, having completely abdicated their Constitutional duties, let me know on that one, too.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

50MO. The Authority.



With the sudden demise of Illinois Pundit earlier in the year, 50 Miles Out has become the authority on the search key, "Hastert."

I say again. heh.

I Am No Longer Alone.

I feel so fresh today.

Maybe it's because I've been joined by KC Quibbler, by Dos Chicas, and The Evil Reverend, two new blogs in the Kendall County Democratic political spectrum.

I knew I wouldn't be alone for long once I got the old blood flowing.