Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who Is Meddling With Police Records?

When "J. Dennis" Hastert's youngest son was arrested in the Spring of 2001 and charged with DUI (among other charges), "The Coach" issued a statement that said the situation was "regrettable," but that Ethan still had his father's love and support.

As it should be. That is good fathering.

Recently, however, it has come to our attention that someone else close to the Speaker was involved in an accident and taken into custody, although not only was a statement not issued... the police report cannot be found published anywhere in the local media.

Now, that's curious. But is that all there is to it? Not at all.

A former local official tells me that while the words "strong smell of alcohol" appear on the report (either an incident report--which means nothing--or an official report which should have been available to the press with the rest of the blotter), no field test was done.

Now, that could be a mistake. Could be, except for the fact that someone put in a phone call to a close friend of the family who either advised the police or the family... or both. That would stand apart from police procedure, wouldn't it?

But who would that hurt, really. Come on! A victimless "crime?" Not exactly.

My source tells me that there was another vehicle involved, and at least one of the people in that vehicle was not at all happy about the situation. Which makes it all curiouser and curiouser... because no mention has been made in the local media.

Perhaps the young attorney (also close to the family -- how convenient!) who was dispatched to the police station on Christmas eve can shed some light on this.

A lot of conjecture, sure. But all of it is important, for it is not at all the incident that's important. There were plenty of other DUIs reported by Kendall County police around the holidays. This one was not. And it appears that only the person's name and the family's connections made the difference.

And like so many other cases you can think of, it isn't the crime or act that's important; it's the coverup.

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Kankakee Voice said...

I hope the other person involved is brave enough to come forward and tell their story. If Hastert is suddenly crowing "Reform" in congress because of ethical lapses, he should join in the "reform" and be a role model. He can't just talk the talk, he needs to walk the walk.

Also if there was a cover up, the other person involved has an obligation, IMHO, to other area citizens to let them know what kind of person Hastert really is.

Finally, the worst thing you can do for someone who has a problem with drink is to let them escape the consequenses. That only enables them to continue on in their alcohol abusing ways (even if this was a first time, anyone who isn't careful enough to not get behind the wheel of a car after they've been drinking, needs to learn that lesson quickly and permanently).