Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Paul Bremer Memoir on Fresh Air.

Take a listen.

If Paul "Jerry" Bremer (who was also "Doin' a Heck of a Job" at one point) was a GOP Congressman, I would have to create a class lower than "Waterboy" just for him.

Calling him "wishy-washy" would be a huge compliment. Listen to how he explains the missing $9 Billion (That's BILLION WITH A B... AND THAT'S YOUR MONEY). It's at 33:55 if you can't stand to listen to the whole thing.

Incredible. He doesn't know if it "went missing."

He doesn't know. Says we "may not have had proper accounting for it."

I guess that means we just fucking lost it, then. Well, in that case, that's OK.

Now, if I were starting a government, say, well, here or abroad, I think I would want to have a strong kind of... let's call it a legislative body, with a strong leader who could demand inquiries of such things on behalf of the people.

Would we call that a Democracy?

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