Saturday, June 03, 2006

Build the Canada Wall!

Never seen this sort of thing happen in Mexico.

Oh, never mind. They weren't going to cause us harm. They were going to blow up Canada.

Better the streets of Montreal and Toronto than Yorkville, Chicago and Anytown, USA.

Why Do Republicans Shit On Our Veterans?

Sorry. Can't really ask the question in any other way that gets to the point.

Between this story and this one, and this one, you have to wonder when the Royal Fucking of our Veterans will end.

If you didn't know, or you've never been there, The Lakeside facility was once the premier VA hospital in the United States, with staff sharing duties across the street at Northwestern.

Some of the best doctors and the brightest interns in the world were accessible for free to our veterans. No more. Now, if you live in the third-largest city on the continent, you have to wait for a bus and get hauled through gangland to go to the clinic for a blood screening.

Yeah. Just Like The American Revolution.

Hastert in Baghdad yesterday:
"As a history teacher for 16 years before coming to Congress, I know how difficult it was for our country, more than 200 years ago, to establish a working democracy. There is much here that remains to be done. And, it will continue to require sacrifice and patience from the Iraqi and American people.
The news from Baghdad this morning
According to police, witnesses at the scene told them than gunmen opened fire on a car that belonged to the Russian Embassy in west Baghdad's upscale Mansour district. Interior Ministry Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohamedawi said one person was killed in the incident, which took place just outside the embassy.

The Russian consul in Baghdad told Russia's RIA Novosti news agency that one Russian diplomat had been killed and four abducted.
Of course, things like this did not happen during our own Revolution.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Afternoon Cock Pictures.

While many of you are at work, I'm off today, with my feet in the pool as I stroke this big beautiful guy's head.

And I'll bet you're all so jealous...

Oh, yes. I've actually gone completely insane. Stickers are 25% off through Monday at the store, where we've had a record 166 visits already today!

Get 'em while they last...

Blogger Crap.

While Blogger finishes pinching a big loaf, I'm not able to clean up that last post. Sorry 'bout that.

See you in a little while, I hope.

Here, however, is more good news on the economy, while you wait...

Anyone else find it amazing that the jobs report sucked and the unemployment rate went down?

I want to know Robert Reich's opinion of why this is happening.

Denny & The Wrecking Crew.

In a brilliant PR move designed to parrot the President's daily, petulant remarks about how bad --but really, really good-- things are going in Iraq, Speaker of the House Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert made the following remarks a little while ago to a small crowd secured by 200 heavily armed security forces with air cover:
"On behalf of the United States House of Representatives, I am pleased to be here in Baghdad and to bring greetings to our brave men and women serving here in Iraq. The United States is grateful for your service. We know that your efforts are keeping this battle off American streets and off American soil. We in Congress are committed to giving our fighting men and women all the tools they need to get the job done. Part of the reason for my visit is to find out first-hand just what they
do need.
"As a history teacher for 16 years before coming to Congress, I know how difficult it was for our country, more than 200 years ago, to establish a working democracy. There is much here that remains to be done. And, it will continue to require sacrifice and patience from the Iraqi and American people.
So, I guess the message is pretty much:

"Thank you for getting slaughtered by the hundreds in your homes, on your streets, on your way to the fucking fruit stand, and in your houses of worship, so we don't have to. And by the way, I have never sacrificed anything in my entire, fat, privileged life, and don't intend to start now. And surely not now that I'm about to retire rich from this government job where I've done virtually nothing but travel and live very well on the public dole for 20 years.

"So when I say I'm here to find out what our boys and girls need, I'm not going to take your fucking questions about lack of armor or troops, or the fact that some of these poor, stupid bastards signed away a hell of lot more than they were bargaining for when they signed up for Guard and Reserve duty. I'm not looking for anything while I'm here, except for a size XXXXL Kevlar vest with shoulder pads and maybe a fucking tungsten carbide wall to hide behind while I'm here. I'm here for the photo-op and to maybe change the miserable news coverage all of the scandals I'm sitting on might otherwise get over the weekend.
Oh, yeah, that and:
"I should be able to find that reference to the British-loving insurgents who blew up entire lineages of families while they sat peacefully in the church of their choice during and after the American Revolution, but it never really happened that way."

Hastert made a "surprise trip" to Baghdad today along with fellow Illinoisan on the public dole Ray LaHood (R-Big Al's in Peoria) (who looks positively more awful every time I see him in public), and two other Republican Mouth-breathing Goofs from the House.

The trip was secret until this morning because it's not safe for anyone to be going there, lest they be shot out off the fucking horizon (although Democracy is Marching Forward over there).

Hastert Breaks Record.

Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert Thursday broke the record for the most jelly donuts consumed
longest number of days between sugar binges and an insulin shot
longest period of time in a political leadership role without doing a God-Damned thing

longest-serving Republican House Speaker, a feat achieved several times in the 20th century alone by Democrats.

Denny Hastert's America.

$3 gasoline as far as the eye can see.

After shilling a ridiculous corporate welfare-style energy policy -- and getting it with no debate.

Get fucking used to it. Until November 7, 2006.

Dog Handler Guilty.

Not the TV kind.

What makes me crazy is that there's still not one word from these greedy cocksuckers at the American Snob Club about the whole incident, like, oh, maybe condemning the fact that dogs were used in the torture of prisoners.

This is like black uniform stuff, using dogs in a wet basement to fucking terrorize people.

I don't care who they are; seal them in a pit and shit on them. Just don't fucking terrorize people with dogs to do the dirty work.

Maybe some AKC suck-up dog goody-goody like Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert, himself a purebreed dog owner for years, might step up and say something.

Nah, who the fuck am I kidding...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Most Holy of Bovine Specimens.

Holy Cow. I mean Holy Fucking Cow.

I've just finished RFK Jr.'s exposé on Election 2004 and the mysterious vote count in Ohio.

Robert Francis Kennedy Junior for President in 2008.

34% Call Bush Worst President.

( via Buzzflash ) Quinnipiac poll shows most call Bush "worst president" in last 61 years.

Is that all?

Re-reading Rude.

Got to love the Rude One.

If you're not a regular reader, you're missing out on some very, very well written modern day prose.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've Gone Electric.

Commercial. Whatever.

Now, you're probably asking: "Hey, Where can I get me summa these?"

Why, at the new 50 Miles Out Store, that's where.

Order Liberally. These begin shipping next week, and they won't last.

Help launch the next Revolution.

I Am So Totally There.

Hunkered down for the summer. Hoping for the best.

Denny Hastert's America.

Where the water that comes from your tap is a commodity. A private plaything of the rich.

Not a right, but a privilege. For those who can afford to pay.

Don't let it happen.

Raise Hell.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Diesel: The New Premium Fuel.

Anyone notice the price of Diesel fuel is hanging high? At about $3/gal., it's no wonder the Dow is off 180 points today, and prices of everything are creeping higher.

One way or another, Big Oil will have another lame excuse for the ridiculously high cost of our new "premium" fuel blend.

What once was the "cheaper" fuel, made almost exclusively for big, heavy work vehicles, Diesel has been consistently higher than regular for months.

If you don't look at this stuff regularly, get ready for some totally insane numbers.

Out of Control.

And out of touch.

With a situation this bad, there's no "good" answer to this question. Another reason why this crowd needs to go.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Question of the Day.

Why do Right Wing Bloggers hate our troops in uniform?

50MO Mentum.

As you can see from the updated counter in the right rail, 50 Miles Out literally blew past 15,000 this week, as we had our biggest week ever.

That's right, people. Thanks to the BuzzFlash referral scored last week, more than 3,300 visitors stopped in the past seven days alone.

A Sobering Reminder This Memorial Day.

CBS Reporter Kimberly Dozier is in critical condition after a car packed with explosives blew up, killing her veteran cameraman and soundman, as well as a U.S. Soldier. Six other U.S. Servicemen were also wounded when the car bomb exploded.

As the president lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, we're given a sobering reminder that Iraq is a deadly zone for journalists who are there to bring us the truth.

The Proverbial One-Car Funeral.

For the last two or three people left on the face of the earth who didn't think Rumsfeld & Co. were capable of fucking up a one-car funeral, I kindly submit:
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- A deadly traffic accident Monday involving U.S. troops sparked the worst riot in the Afghan capital since the fall of the Taliban. At least eight people were killed and 107 injured, an official said.

Hundreds of Afghan army troops and NATO peacekeepers in tanks deployed around the city, as protesters chanting "Death to America" marched on the presidential palace and rioters smashed police guard boxes and set fire to police cars.

Perhaps someone needs to consult a team of divorce attorneys, who have a great deal of experience with such matters.

It's never about the runaway truck. This was a mission completely fucked up by incompetence at the top.

Is it FOX News?

You've just got to wonder if FOX News is maybe killing these people -- maybe it's MSNBC -- to keep a steady stream of really important stories in the news that might keep our minds off how really fucked up things are right now.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fristy Splits With Hastert On FBI Raids.

What a complete mooshy goofball this little weenie is.

I say let's have a go at Fristy's office to see if we find any cat bones lying around.

We're the ASPCA, God Damn It. Get out of the way.