Thursday, December 21, 2006

So... Where Am I?

After a year or so of having people try to find out who I am, I'm now faced with the dilemma of telling you where I am. It can't really hurt, or expose, me. There are so many others just like me in the area, it would still make it hard to put a finger on me.

I have joined the ranks of the underemployed, which is a funny way to put it: I am working two jobs.

Ever wonder why the unemployment numbers haved remained so low while so few jobs have been created under the Bush Administration? I don't anymore, since my own polling in the workplace(s) tells me that about 40% of all the people I work with directly at my two full-time jobs sit on either side of the oarlocks of the boat we're in together.

Mercifully, I am home (sort of) for the holidays. I say sort of because only the body is here today. Spirits are low.

I have taken more than a month off of the blog only because I'm so busy, and because (even though I knew in my heart it would happen), America has Fired The Coach.

There will be more from me. Likely, I'll send 50MO into a new direction this year. Fewer posts (more than likely) and a renewed focus on what goes on here politically 50 Miles Out of the Loop.

For some who wanted to believe that my tail is between my supple but muscular legs because of other reasons, you can keep peddling that nonsense in the comments. I won't disabuse any fool of their pursuits.

And yes, I promise some juicy cock pictures tomorrow.