Saturday, January 21, 2006

New Orleans Pics Sunday.

A friend in LA government drove over to NOLA before Christmas and sent me a compiled CD of images from the trip. Also a member of the reality-based community, she sent a long note along with it.

It was both good and bad that I saved them for my 4 hour trip to SF today. Bad, because I got hooched on the plane after opening the letter and following along on the CD, and good... Did I say there's a good part?

It is hard to believe this is America. It is worth noting the pictures (which I'm stitching together, and looking at again, now that I'm somewhat among the living again) are strikingly similar to images I saw on CNN this past week as Anderson Cooper and Co. followed up on their earlier reporting.

Anyone who believes their government has acted accordingly to respond to Katrina (the worst tragedy on American soil in my lifetime) is mistaken. Congress, in its utter failure to oversee FEMA and the other Federal agencies that simply did not respond to the needs of citizens, should be turned over this fall on the basis of this, alone.

Shame on you, Denny Hastert. Have you seen this in person?

Posting images on Sunday.

I have to drink again.

It's a Great Day to be a Liberal.

A photographer friend snapped this photo on the edge of some Kendall County woods this morning.

We had a just a bit of snow last night and it's cold and beautiful out here today. Beautiful, clear cyan sky and sunshine.

It's a great day to be a Liberal in Kendall County!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Give Me Some Dick!

Yeah, baby!

Durbin on a possible filibuster of Borkalito.

Hastert Will Clean Up Washington.

Wait. Scratch that headline! It should be:


Believing that would be like saying that your new kennel of foxes is going to help you raise chickens.

Arianna Huffington has never been a fan of Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert, but she lays it on good in today's column.

Blunt Truth.

Roy Blunt tells Time he has the votes to continue to be Hastert's Leader.

John Boehner is just another lying, partying God-Damned crook, disguised as a "Gentleman from Ohio."

I guess those months of bragging about the K Street connections behind Boehner's money machine, followed by his claim to be "Mr. Clean," coming to the rescue of the Party, just didn't pan out.

We'll see in a couple weeks. I'm already wondering who the next Speaker will be.

Gas Prices About to Leap Again.

Oil closed over $68 again today. If you'll recall, the last time we went over $70/barrel was at the height of Katrina.

Better fill those tanks today/tonight before we get smacked with another .25 increase at the pump.

Of course, we could all hope our government leaders step in and do something about it.

Or not.

GOP Very Worried.

Their grip on power may be loosening.

This is sweet.

Today's Market No Surprise.

The Dow took a quick peek at 11K, but has retreated steadily since.

Today, the numbers are off in triple digits.

If you're not reading James Howard Kuntsler, take a look at his first column of 2006.

There's always room to disagree with some of what he writes. But if you want the brutal truth of the economy George W. Bush has created, and the level of disrepair everything the "MBA President" has created, you'll agree with him and become a regular reader like me.

So why in the the world does Denny Hastert want you to sink what's left of your Social Security into this market?

Thank God George W. Bush Is Our President.

And that he has Generalissimo Electrocuto Gonzales at his right hand.

Gonzales at this moment is announcing the indictment of a "cell" of "ecoterrorists" on the west coast.

Fact: These people are loopy, hippie fringe types who are guilty of perpetrating acts of criminal destruction of (both private and government) property and vandalism.

Fact: No one has been harmed as the result of their crazy activities.

Fact: No legitimate environmentalist or environmentalist group supports these nuts and their activities. None.

This smacks of yet another attempt by this administration (the day after the latest Bin Laden tape) to make Americans think they're somehow safer with Bush and Gonzales both defining and prosecuting the law.

To charge these people under terrorism laws is yet another egregious act on the part of your government.

Call on the Speaker of the House of Representatives to publicly decry this abuse of power by the Justice Department.

Hastert's Offices
D.C.: 202-225-2976
Batavia: 630 401-1114
Dixon: 815-288-0680

Dear Governor...

As I see that a number of state employees visit here every day, I'm hoping one will be kind enough to pass this along to you.

Having grown up in a scenic part of the state (who hasn't, really, eh? this is a beautiful state!), I have a fond appreciation for the scenic route. Even if it means spending an extra hour on the road. All of us could use an extra time out now and then.

The next time you're headed home to Chicago, take your lovely wife, Patti, along for the ride. And take this scenic route.

Start your trip around 2:30 in the afternoon, if you can. You have a cellphone. You deserve it!

Take I-55 up to Bloomington and make your way east to Gibson City. I'm a strong believer that government leaders should use the infrastructure they're sworn to uphold, so you should get off the expressways every now and then.

Once you're at Gibson City, take a left on Illinois Rt. 47 and go north. It's a very nice road most of the way, and even though it's pretty dreary outside right now, you might like it enough to take it in the summer when there's corn in the fields. It's a beautiful drive during growing season.

You'll find, I'm sure, that you'll make really good time on 47. That is, until you get to Morris. From there, much of the road up to Yorkville will be pretty easy to navigate again.

After that, however, you'll see what people in the second fastest-growing county in the country deal with every day.

It's not a bottleneck, like we're used to on the expressways. No gapers. No car fires or road rage.

It's a highway that's been ignored for decades. It's just plain gridlock, due to neglect. Much of it has been intentional.

Keep going, please! As you head north out of Yorkville (this is Tom Cross country, so talk to him about this) you'll find that things don't get much better. IDOT has added a number of traffic lights. On open highway! As you should be there around 4:00 if you timed it right, you should be seeing lots of truck transportation up and down the route. These are guys who, in most cases, have about an hour left to unload and get back to their terminal... OK. Let's not talk about it.

Don't get off Illinois Rt. 47! Drive north through Sugar Grove, (you're going to start moving now, unremarkably, because now you're driving on one of four lanes). Look to your right as you go past the expansive Waubonsee campus on your right, just before you get to I-88. Notice all the open land on that stretch?

Now, if you want to be home before 7 for time with the kids before bed, you've got to turn around and head south again to take 88 into the city. If you don't mind getting home until 9 or so, keep going on 47 and take 90 into the city.

Next morning, over coffee (this is why I think you should take Patti along), ask your wife if she thinks 47 needs to be widened from Morris to I-88. Probably not your usual coffee conversation on a Saturday, but ask her anyway. She's a sharp young woman.

Then think about all the manufacturing locations and technolody centers that could be built all around the Waubonsee campus, and all the way down to the northern edge of Yorkville. You know, that's not far from NIU...

Remember, there's $209 million from Denny Hastert just sitting out there to study a highway that we don't need...

Ruben Zamora's Campaign Needs Your Help.

Let me repeat something I said over on the Blox yesterday: I am officially neutral in this race.

I do, however, support the notion that we should have lots of ideas presented for the voters, so they can choose a Democratic candidate in the primary.

Rather than post the entire letter here, I'll send you over to SoapBlox/Chicago, where I've already published Zamora's plea for assistance.

If you're serious about supporting democracy, chip in. There's a bit of work to be done.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not. One. Dime.

Kevin Drum has this up on Washington Monthly. "A Radical Plan to Abramoff-Proof Politics."

What would be better than having Carville and Begala back in the spotlight together with another major issue?

Well, with the AFL-CIO coming out today demanding that the House take up Universal Healthcare, maybe we'll win with our own Harry and Louise this time around. The Harrys and Louises I know sure as hell are mad about their Medicare being fucked up (thanks to J. Dennis Hastert). Let's queue it up, boys...

Hello, Osama! Thanks, Denny!*

That we are watching yet another video of Osama Bin Laden today, living and breathing and threatening every one of us, is unmistakably part of the legacy of the worst Speaker of the House in our history.

Anyone who does not believe that Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert is largely responsible for Osama Bin Laden's current state as a solid element of the universe -- as opposed to now being a gas or liquid -- is kidding themselves.

In his unfailing support of this Imperial Presidency, Hastert has altered the position of Speaker of the House to that of personal secretary to the King. And in his dogged pursuit of a leadership position that requires no confrontation (he loathes it), he has miserably failed to uphold his Constitututional duty to protect our freedoms by allowing the Executive Branch carte blanche

As another writer put it, Hastert's main job has been to fetch sandwiches and coffee for corporate executives during their legislation-writing visits to the Capitol. That's only part of the job description of Speaker, as it now exists.

Had Hastert alone been the one to tell George W. Bush in the winter of 2001, "you know... I think we should finish the job in Afghanistan..." we may have succeeded at Tora Bora.

Now we have Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran... AND Bin Laden, who by now should be sealed in a septic tank with his followers and shat upon for all eternity.

*Denny Hastert is pictured here riding in his antique fire engine, one of nearly 20 antique vehicles he's collected for years, which are housed at his rural estate outside Plano, Illinois.

The Inside Dope: Republican Medicare Part D prescription plan a prescription for disaster

The Inside Dope: Republican Medicare Part D prescription plan a prescription for disaster

You Nag It On.

This contributor may finally turn out to have some productive input at Soap Blox Chicago.

Goody! He's not hectoring other Democrats, for once! Nice piece.

I can't wait for a look into the lair of the "teddy bear."

Master Hastert's Conundrum.

Gosh! Running a plantation is hard work. That's a theme with Republicans when they control your government ("Hey! This is hard work! Just wait!")

Plantation Boss Hastert has handed yet another bit of hard work yesterday, as Democrats staged their opening assault with a series of brilliantly-dubbed measures to curtail the influence of some 37,000 lobbyists whose job it is to influence Congress.

The first, the "Tony Rudy Rule," would have Congressional staffers wait two years after leaving a government position before they can join a lobbying firm. That's a good start.

The problem Master Hastert has, however, is not so much the Democrats. It's the fact that he's been trumped yet again on a major issue that is singing to voters at the moment. And right out of the gate, his horse fell flat on its face.

Republicans, even the ones Hastert has surrounded himself with on the veranda, can't agree on what reforms are OK and which are not.

By the way, nobody tops the "Ralph Reed Reform" (meant to provide transparency in government and allow the public to see exactly what their reps are doing in Washington). That ought to put an end to that smarmy little bastard's career.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Open Letter to Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Governor Blagojevich,

I noted in today's State of the State address some mention of other highway projects, including the expansion of I-55 from Weber Road to IL 126. That's great news for the folks in this area who travel I-55, myself included.

I am already on record stating that you had plenty of good things for Illinois legislators to work on in the coming year. One way, I believe, to help make your Capital Construction Program further work in the second-fastest growing county in the U.S. would be to sign an order that would stop the "Prairie Parkway" and re-purpose the $209 million earmarked by Mr. Hastert for "study" of the plan.

Mr. Governor, we don't need to waste another $209 million to "study" the parkway site for another three years. Seventy-percent of area motorists believe the answer to the clogged highways in Kane and Kendall Counties is to improve existing roadways. We've already told IDOT that in their own survey -- and in greater numbers in town hall meetings all over the area.

IDOT has not been listening. And now there's money talking.

Those who have a financial stake in the plan have already renamed their vision "The Burnham Parkway," and are revamping their website to "inform" the public of a plan that's been railroaded through by Republicans for seven years.

That's wrong, and it's another misplaced priority, largely supported by Mr. Hastert and his monied friends who have had their eye on commercial development in the outer corridor for decades.

It's wrong when we have Kendall County fast becoming a large block of bedroom communities with little manufacturing, and little effort by local authorities to change that. Local governments are beginning to acquiesce to a highway they don't need or want, simply because they see it as a "done deal."

But I refuse to give up. The citizens in this area would overwhelmingly support a plan to expand IL Rt. 47 from I-88 in the north to I-80 in the south, the most direct route between the two interstate highways. To further interleave with your plan for jobs and infrastructure and seal local support, make the properties adjacent to this corridor a manufacturing and technology tract, with incentives available for new employers.

Illinois Route 47 has been ignored by IDOT for years (of Republican leadership in the state). Mr. Hastert is known by many to have said that Route 47 expansion would mean the elimination of quaint towns like Elburn and Yorkville (his hometown). In fact, Elburn is not involved, and as far as Yorkville is concerned there are now plans underway to improve IL 47 through the city, which the city fathers now support.

Mr. Governor, set aside the Prairie Parkway plan now under study by IDOT.

We don't need a new highway that swallows up thousands of acres of prime farmland and valuable space in two of the fastest-growing counties in the country. Kane and Kendall would be far better off with new manufacturing sites and the improvement of important, existing roadways. We might just save a billion dollars, too.

And we would all be far better off "studying" new transportation methods and using federal transportation dollars to link the newest "neighborhoods" of the city of Chicago with CTA and Metra.

Thanks for your valuable time.


...Or If You Just Can't Wait

Grab the press release on the State of the State from

Just listening so far to the Governor's tax credit proposals, and talk of improving jobs and creating a massive public works effort (and the horrible response from Republicans) I think he's onto something.

There are plenty who will say, "He's going to have to raise taxes! How is he going to pay for this??!!"

Fact is, Illinois income tax is ridiculously low. Two and one half percent to fund a state the size of Illinois -- especially with all cuts in funding at the federal level -- is nothing short of stupid.

These are tax credits and works programs that make sense.

The Case for Funding of Public Broadcasting.

If you're watching the State of the State (as I am, while I listen to WBEZ), you'll notice Rich Miller really is sunburned. Holy cow! You would have made an excellent, jolly looking Santa a month ago, Rich!

Public Radio & Television are the only outlets covering this event live. What a shameful statement about Chicago broadcast media!

The applause is tepid, thanks to our good friend, Tom Cross & company.

We already know we're going to hear plenty of bitching from them.*

*Judy Baar Topinka is right up with Lynne Martin, in my book, for giving women a bad image.

In Case Your Radio Reception Sucks...

(Like mine does...)

Listen along with me to the webcast of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's State of the State Address. Going on right now (noon)!

One of the hot spots: Blagojevich is expected to ask for some of the most stringent mercury emissions standards on coal-burning power plants in the nation.

Question: Why shouldn't we do that? Illinois, as a proud major coal producer, should be at the forefront of emissions standards technology.

Speaker Quiet.

Now that's he's acting as the real Speaker of the House, he sure is keeping quiet.

This article in yesterday's WaPo was not much of a surprise, nor was the television coverage yesterday on Hastert's current status.

I've known for years that Hastert hates confrontation, and will avoid it at all costs. That is one of the qualities that has earned him "Worst Speaker in History," as far as I'm concerned.

The Speaker had no compunction about firing right back at Jimmy Carter at one time when Carter sent him a private note pressing him to "go along" with his programs. That's quite a contrast to what we have today.

Denny: Take Notes.

Next time Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert and his government-wrecking crew start bashing the ACLU, or Liberals, keep this article in mind.

I am not impressed with Hitchens' joining in. Over the past five years or so he's either been drunk or totally unpredictable. I think that's a warning sign for the liver. Not sure.

Liberals: Fighting to stop government interference
in the lives of ordinary people.

Now, there's a slogan, eh?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Avoid the Nonsense.

Rather than listen to Ron Christie blathering on CNN (he's the latest to be trotted out by the Philistine Enhancement Project), trashing Hillary Clinton for her comments earlier in NOLA, take a break and read the text of Al Gore's speech from yesterday.

Like nearly every one I can think of from the end of September 2000 -- when Gore first hit his stride as a candidate -- forward, it's honest and it's inspiring.

More Gore speeches (as well as this one) here.

One Woman's Two Cents.

On the Zamora ~ Laesch race.

Apparently, this post was misdirected to the Soapblox software site. oops (when I send you, the gentle reader, to SoapBlox, it's the one I have listed over on the right under Illinois Blogs).

Anyway, the author also emailed this to me, and the fine folks at SoapBlox/Chicago pointed out they thought it had been intended for the Chicago site.

Interesting stuff. I wondered about some of the chronology of events in Laesch's bio, myself.

Might be good if someone from John06 could speak up, either at SB/C or here.

Why "Shoot a Camel in the Butt..."

As Chauncey Gardener is known to have said, when you can kill a bunch of innocent people while bombing a dinner party!


Hell, it's not like there weren't a whole bunch of bad guys invited to the dinner!

Why kill only a few when you can get all Pakistanis completely pissed off at you?

Lott Never Leaving.

Senator bravely chooses self over party, nation. Will be shoe-in to retake Leaderhsip.

Good Gog.

Lott says he will devote time to rebuilding inherited family summer home in Pascagula that was destroyed by Katrina; will live in preferred house in Jackson, MS until job is finished. Mostly, will pretend to represent public at large while focusing on himself and his inherited fortune.

Said he learned "government can't do it all," after Katrina. Going to see to it government is bankrupt by the time he turns the lights out.


Cheney Returns To Mayhem, er, Work.

If this doesn't scare the living Hell out of you, nothing will.

Couldn't he just go to Lichtenstein next time Hastert goes on a family reunion trip disguised as an official visit?

Maybe send him to Nigeria to talk about oil?

Your Tax Dollars At Work.

Lazy Bastards! Get back to work!!

Wonder if blog-checking (or general fucking off and internet surfing) is now classified as, like, a G-19 job grade or something. I'm gonna have to check that out, because I sure see a lot of this in sitemeter.

Dumbing It Down On Talk Shows.

I watched about two minutes of Larry King last night, deeply offended that both the show thinks it in our best interest to bring public policy discussion to a celebrity gab fest, and that the Bush administration is dumbing down torture and spying by having Attorney General Electrocuto Gonzales make the talk show rounds.

It's bad enough that broadcast executives give credence to morning show "beauties" like Paul Zahn and Debra Norville and give them prime-time slots.

Conversely, I was a real Charlie Gibson fan (he was once a very able, tough interviewer in the early Nightline days) until about a year into his stint on GMA. Now I think he's worse than David (Duh) Hartman ever was.

What next, Oprah doing a tough, question-answer coffee club talk with Cheney?

Where are the I.F. Stones? The Jack Andersons? The Sy Hershes?

Come Celebrate The Late State of the Union.

Oh, this is funny! Arianna is at her wicked best.

I'm up for a party on 1/31, are you?

Let's see, we have the economy growing fast enough to "employ every man and woman who seek(s) a job," freedom has marched all the hell the way around Iraq a couple times now, we've had the living BeJesus scared out of us any number of times in SOTU's since 2001, and we've been to Mars. What's it going to be this year?

Wait... We didn't get to Mars?

What about Bush's quote, "Much remains for us to explore and to learn?"

Monday, January 16, 2006

Well, There You Go.

As we used to say down on da sowt side. Take a look at this delicious little comment from the Soapblox.

If this is true, and someone wants to maintain the challenge to Zamora was not premeditated, then why did the objection take such a weird, circuitous route?

And if this is true, we have another Karl Rove. Pretending to be a Democrat.

If this is true, how high up the Laesch Ladder will this go? Can you say "tampering?"

Aw, Shucks.

Lookie! Somebody's stuck working on his extended holiday vacation.

Oh, sweet Jesus, I meant to say Christmas vacation.

One defibrillated heartbeat away from the Executive Branch. Two weeks away from a major stroke. No wonder he's being so quiet! Wonder if he's pounding down the sweets this week?

Oh, my.

(Hat tip to Karie)

Coach? Come on.

In high school, we would have called somebody dancing around this issue a "pussy."

That Hastert can't show the nuts to call Ney in and tell him he'd better damn well give up the chairmanship and lie down, is about all I need to confirm my suspicions that Hastert is either a big pussy, or that he's implicated in the Abramoff deals, as well.

Maybe it's both.

Making Me Sick.

I sure hope I don't have to spend the next couple of weeks ragging about dirty Democratic politics, but it's beginning to look pretty ugly and dirty this year.

Now it's looking like the name of the person who filed the objection to Zamora's petitions did not request the copies of them in the first place, that they were requested by someone else, possibly under an assumed or name that differs with voting records.

Here's the story on the rejected petitions in Kendall County. Once again, the Kendall County Record, Plano Record, Oswego Ledger-Sentinel is the only paper with the story. They do a pretty good job of it.

Over at the Soapblox, Clint Raulsten of John Laesch's campaign does a pretty good job of imitating the killer in a Columbo episode. "I didn't do it, but I have lots of details and theories, and we have the next steps planned."

There are a couple of remarkable things going on here. Feeley is the name of the man who objected to at least one of the petitions in Kendall. Bridget "Feeley," not Bridget "Stencel" is living at the address of the person who requested copies of Ruben Zamora's petitions for review. Mr. Stupec, who is listed as the person who filed the objection to the petitions, supposedly told the Laesch campaign after filing his objection he thinks a challenge in the primary would be a bad thing.


I can already see a lot of people sitting this November out if this candyass stuff isn't sorted out right now.

Who's behind this? Or could it be these guys?

Gee. I just don't know.

Hard News To Swallow: More Petitions Challenged.

All challenged by a faction of "Progressives" in Kendall County. All the challenged petitions were candidates -- 11 in all -- for committeeman posts in precincts where the faction had its own candidates. I spoke with one of the people challenged, who said the notice of the hearing was delivered by a Kendall County Sheriff's deputy.

That's chickenshit, and the blame goes to the challengers, who chose to make themselves look like, well, assholes. Certified mail is also accepted.

What's more, people were given less than 48 hours notice in some cases, that they had to attend or forfeit their petition. Nearly all the petitions were forfeited because people didn't have adequate notice to attend and challenge their challengers, my source tells me.

In once case, a petitioner whose petition was cited for failure to include a disclosure form, was rebuffed by the chairman of the elections board after he claimed he was told at the time of filing that all of his papers were in order. That seems to be counter to Illinois Compiled Statutes.

Guess that's another way to keep the one-party rule in Kendall.

I should receive a fax of one of the official notices later today that might shed some light on all of this.

The story was in last week's Oswego Ledger-Sentinel, and will be posted today or tomorrow.

Here is more from the Ledger-Sentinel from the 2004 creation of the Progressive Council.

I don't know what you think, but I think this stinks. One of the petition challengers is a current officer of the regular Kendall County Democratic party. That's bullshit.

Zamora Petitions Challenged.

I've now heard several rumors about this challenge to Ruben Zamora, candidate for IL CD 14. None of my rumor-mongering friends avoid a connection to his primary opponent, John Laesch. And none are very damned happy about it, either.

I received this email from Ruben yesterday:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Tommorrow we celebrate the birth of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He inspired me as a young man and still does today. I will forever be indebted to him and his legacy.

I hope you and your family take a moment to remember this great man.

Yes, I have been challenged. It did not come from Hastert's campaign... I have already been to Chicago twice and am expecting at least two more visits. I have retained the best lawyer and we will prevail. The challenge is premeditated, but I will not step aside, nor will I give up the fight.

I made a promise to the voters of this district and I intend to stay on the ballot and fulfill that promise, namely, to run an issues-oriented campaign. I have instructed my staff to stay on task and we will let the judicial system take care of the rest.
I am need of help, not only to help pay for my lawyer, but also to print campaign materials and run my "temporary" office.

I am planning to be in Chicago this week and will fill you in on the results. Despite rumors to the contrary, I and my campaign are up and running, and look forward to attending forums, debates, and other events in the district. If your group would like to meet me, please contact me ASAP because my schedule is filling up quickly.

Please be sure to attend:
1. Candidates Forum
January 16, 2006
7:00 - 9:00pm
Bartlett Community Center
701 South Bartlett Road - Bartlett

2. An Open Discussion with Senator Obama on his work in the U.S. Senate
Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006 @ 10:30 a.m.
College of DuPage - McAninch Arts Center - mainstage
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Parking will be available in Lot O on College Road
(I may not be there)

3.Aurora Democratic Party, Monday January 23rd, 7:00 p.m. at the Mexican Driving School located at 73 S. LaSalle

4. Zamora "New Year Party" Fundraiser
January 28th, Sandwich, IL 6-9 PM
900 Church Street (Route 34)
???630-859-1030, 630-786-3037

I will update this update soon!
Continued thanks from my campaign to you.

Doesn't look good to me. Zamora confirms the rumor that the challenge was planned. That's been consistent with what everyone has shared with me. Most believe that the challenge is not coming directly from Laesch, but at the direction of people who are working for him, in an effort to challenge party leaders throughout the district to escalate their rhetoric or step aside.

Laesch already comes off as kind of a smartass kid, so I'm not sure this is a good tactic.

If you can make one of the Zamora events, please do. It would be nice to hear from those who attend, either by email or in the comments. You can post anonymously, of course, if you like, although anonymous comments are probably not treated as seriously as those signed by the author.

When Is A Holiday No Holiday?

Ah, a nice relaxing weekend (sorry about the absence). Now back to work.

On the holiday.

I've always thought it was terrible that only small sections (mostly the financial sector) of the country give employees King's birthday off. What's the point of making it a Federal holiday? Remember the flap caused when the "folks" in Arizona wouldn't go along with it to even make it a Federal holiday?

Wish I was in the U.S. House. The people in charge there gave the good old boys another two weeks off this month, all in a failed attempt to keep an indicted Leader in the good old boys club.