Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank God George W. Bush Is Our President.

Garrisson Keillor is superlative, as usual, in today's Salon. It's nice to see him take a piece out of "America's Mayor's" ass, too.

Anyobody thinking about voting for that turncoat cocksucker Rudy Guiliani should read Keillor closely from this point on. He's got Rudy's number.

And remember his signature quote from the 2004 GOP Scare-Mongering Whore Festival in NYC: "Thank God George W. Bush Is Our President."

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hastert Getting Dis'ed By Conservatives.

At the end of this whackjob Conservative Voice piece about Jan Schakowsky, there is a clear Conservative voice dissing Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert for his role in derailing the other whackjobs in Congress on illegal immigration.


So why is it that the Democratic candidate can't even muster more than 33% (his own poll numbers) among registered Democrats? Of course, the poll was taken back in July, before Laesch had a chance to make an even bigger jackass of himself (which, as usual, made him the laughingstock among voters of all stripes).

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Something New in Republican Circles.

Gosh. Honesty.

I know Hagel's been pissed off at Bush for our country's latest Viet Nam adventure, but I didn't really pick him to be so full of candor this close to the mid-term elections, in which Republicans face an increasingly hostile electorate.

Just the same, by bet is that this "McCain II" will sooner or later backtrack and talk about Conservative values and how much the country can trust the Republicans to make the United States better and stronger than ever.

The Secret Weapon.

First Lady Lightweight is upping her travel plans. Look out!

Like that's gonna fucking do anything for these monsters?

The very fact that this moron's coffee-brewing, enabling, Lahbarryan spouse is able to show her face in public is an example of the difference between mainstream Democrats and Republicans. Say the name "Hillary" and it reinforces my point.