Friday, January 13, 2006

Real Ethics Reform Under Hastert?

Any notion that real, meaningful ethics reform under Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert's so-called leadership must be considered as thin as the inside of one of Hastert's arteries.

David Dreier is going to be a good Team Player on this trick until enough members of the media are mouthing the words "Congressional Ethics Reform" in their stories. As with anything else with this crowd, they're hoping the more the words are spoken, the more the overwhelming majority of the Moron Contingent in our society will transform it, somehow, into truth.

If the Coach, anyone on his Team, or any of the Back-Benchers were serious about reform, it would have happened long ago.

As it is, McCain's own reform legislation became watered down to suit the interests of DeLay and his minions, Hastert included.

Accept none of the lies that are unfolding about Hastert taking hold of this debacle.

The anti-government zealots (Hastert included) have no control over this beast at this point. Their staffs are intentionally weak on policy matters so as to claim the need for lobbyists who can better explain issues that matter to you and me.

This Coach is about to enter his worst season in history, one that will tar his legacy and justly prevent his name from ever appearing with the name of truly great House Speakers who came before him.

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