Friday, May 19, 2006

Against Better Judgment.

A couple weeks ago, when I posted pictures of those hot chicks with my regular feature, friday afternoon cock pictures, it was against my own better judgment.

Some things should be sacred. Then again, who doesn't want to see some of this on a Friday night?

Let's just call this one "Hot pussy picture number one."

Friday Evening.

And time for at least one big fat cock picture.

Running Scared?

What the Hell has gotten into the Christian faith? Is everyone afraid of the message that The DaVinci Code delivers?

Whatever you think of what's going on with the opening of this very interesting piece of fiction at the theaters, there seems to be an undercurrent of fear among church officials, unlike anything I've ever seen.

USA Today.

And Gannett's attorneys should tell Bell South to go fuck themselves.

Oh, here... let me.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

John Roberts: Smooth.

Not the Supreme Justice (yeah, whatever). The Reporter/Anchor for CNN.

Boy, that looks and sounds good, doesn't it? Good for CNN to get him.

If you're not watching Larry King now, tune in later to catch the way Roberts handles the all-Republican lineup tonight. Very smooth.

Call the Cleaners.

Anyone else notice that often, Gen. Hayden's uniform appears to be black?

Anyone else notice that might actually be an appropriate color of uniform for this guy?

Somebody might want to lighten the blue a bit in those AF unis.

What's Wrong With America.

What's wrong with America is not that gay people want to get married, and you know, force all of us to become gay.

What's wrong with America is not that the government meddles too much with business, because Jesus knows businesses need to have all the leverage in the world in order to make money. And what's good for Business is By-God good for you. And God-Damn It, God will strike down the anti-capitalist.

What's wrong with America is not that we need to limit the rights of individuals to seek reparations through the courts when they've been wronged by medical malpractice or insurance fraud.

What's wrong with America is not that we have all those "worthless IOUs" sitting in a mythical file cabinet called Social Security.

What's wrong with America is not that we have to allow members of congress to fraternize with and accept loads of gifts and bribes from lobbyists (whose ranks include thousands of collegial family members, personal friends and former congressional colleagues).

What's wrong with America is that Fristy Hastert keeps freezing the wheels of government with utter bullshit like this, so nothing responsible is getting done in the halls of government.

Gonzales Criminal?

Dunno. It's just not clear, he says himself. What a bright, shiny example Rep. Senselessbrenner would make of "our nation's chief law enforcement officer."

One thing is clear. If we're going to felonize undocumented foreign workers who remain in the country, we should make that law retroactive, then immediately deport the descendants of those who entered this country illegally in the first place.

Uh, just from Mexico, though. They're the worst.

And, of course, we would exempt those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

"Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall..."

Can't you just hear that? If built, I'm sure we'll hear it from a Mexican president one day, about the 370 miles of triple-layer walls the Senate wants built along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Hint: This would make a great question for Hastert, press people. "What do you think of the Senate plan to build the wall along the border, Mr. Speaker?"

Another Question: "Where do you stand on your friend, Rep. Sensenbrenner's ever-stiffening position to exclude any form of 'amnesty' for undocumented workers, and to felonize those who are currently here without the proper papers?"

Although I'd like to propose a St. Louis Wall (or better yet, an Indiana wall) the illustration is for those of you who dabble in geography. 370 miles is a long fucking way, and it's going to be backed up with 500 miles of auto barriers.

That's 870 miles of fear factor. The route on this map, Chicago to St. Louis is just under 300 miles, for comparison.

I'm so glad the grown-ups are in charge again.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dirty, God-Damned Mexicans.

Go ahead. Say it. Get used to it.

The Senate approved today a fence for a portion of the border with Mexico because we're worried that:

• People will come to the U.S. to work, without paying taxes, often for less than minimum wage, without proper documentation.
• People will "take away" jobs from Americans who might better take those great jobs (see above).
• Terrorists are brown people, and so are Mexicans, and they all look alike to fat old white guys.

I just read today that the U.S. Navy sunk a mothballed aircraft carrier to make a coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, that's fucking genius.

So why don't we just line up a bunch of fucking old aircraft carriers and put them end-to-end on the border? We could just make the border a big fucking junk pile like Fred Sanford's front yard or something.

Sorry. Wrong ethnic slur.

Like on Chico and the Man.

What the Hell are we going to do, though, when the Canadians get brown people who can slip across their border?

Dirty, God-Damned Brown People.

Let Them Eat Each Other.

There's trouble in Paradise, if you believe anything this liar, Lying Bob Novak, conjures up.

Very funny read. Especially when we're led to believe Hastert actually showed some balls and stood up to Cheney.

Of course, all of this was nicely handled in a special calm-down session at the White House, with the President of the United States presiding over the Speaker he had "summoned."

Let's be clear about something: the only reason any of this would have happened is because Goss was in a Republican-crafted "safe district."

Remember, this is a no-holds-barred, don't-give-an-inch crowd in power.

Silence Is Telling.

Ever notice how the silence of some "folks" is telling? Especially when you could easily compare it to the kind of complacency and "I-was-just-following-orders" kind of shit the Nazis used as a defense at Nuremburg.

Why, for instance, hasn't the House launched an investigation into this kind of twisting of the law?

Salon today pointed to a ThinkProgress piece which explained that Bush empowered John Negroponte, the Spy Chief in Chief in Charge of Torture Squads and Diplomacy, with the ability to allow the telecoms to lie without lying. Sort of.

See? Without such circumspection and deliberation, it just makes it all the more likely that such abuses will occur again and again. Completely unchecked.

Oh, I'm sorry. I was under the mistaken impression again that we're living in a Democracy.

I need a drink.

Taking A Big Dump

Today's roulette table stock market sell-off is an indication that even the market is beginning to wake up.

Remember that rate increase passed last week by the Fed? Yep. That one... the sixteenth in a row.

Think we're going to have a problem with inflation? Oh, hell... oops.

Inflation caught everyone by surprise today! Oh, no!

Everyone but those of us who buy bread and eggs and butter and milk and gasoline (none of which are included in the CPI calculation, if you didn't know that) seems to have missed the inflation thing.

Meanwhile, Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert and his wrecking crew have just had their centerpiece tax underhaul cockily signed by the president today. That big, big tax cut you were expecting (it's tax relief "for all Americans," right)? $30 per household, on average, for 99.8 percent of America.

2/10 of one percent of the country, however, will rake in about $42,000 in tax cuts.

Hooray and a big Hi Ho-Fuck You for the rest of you who are now 50 Miles Out of the Loop.

Worth The Price of Admission.

Get a Salon subscription today for great writing like this:
With just six months until the 2006 midterms, a grown man who can cry may be just what the president needs.

Baby, if that's not worth the price of admission to Salon's content, I don't know what is.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Denny Hastert's Thin Veil of Demagoguery.

Thinner than paper. This "Speaker" is nothing without the demagoguery.

Just look at this "statement" on the tax bill sent to Bush for signing, which gives away another $70 billion of income that your kids and grandkids might have better used to, I dunno, live their middle-class lives.

Great Description of Hastert!

By a noted, well-read, heavily-published Conservative, Kevin Phillips.
Under the Constitution, the resignation of Bush and Cheney would hand the presidency to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, at present Dennis Hastert, a former high school wrestling coach, well liked but manifestly less than qualified for promotion.

Heh! The problem with being well liked, I suppose, is that it doesn't cover up your utter stupidity.

Despicable At Any Speed.

Tony Snow's play of the "Cancer Card" today has provided him with the break he needed.

At the end of his first press conference, where he did nothing more than lay down the ground rules without sharing any useful information, Snow was asked about surviving his battle with cancer.

So now, CNN and Fox can legitimately replay this bullshit every 10 minutes (as they've done all afternoon).

Life Is Good.

Especially when you...
• Have a pension that's equal to or greater than your current annual salary, and the hardest thing you ever had to do for it was weekend travel.
• You were able to duck the military at a time when many of your contemporaries were getting killed in uniform.
• Your two sons will never serve in the military.
• You've secured cherry jobs for same in the Money Capital you've created, so they'll never have to work hard in life. Just like you.
• You don't really have any decisions to make, because you're in a great job where you can just do what you're told by others.
• Those same cronies will protect your ass if you're found out.
• Can respond like this after a presidential edict, and not face any scrutiny or questions yourself.

Sanity on Vacation.

Of undertermined length.

Seeing Tony Snow conducting a White House press conference is like watching a sick cartoon of life.

If there was anyone remaining -- within the 29% of those who still approve of this president -- who believed any of the nonsense that the administration put out day after day, they must have all gone away quietly by now.

Notice the coffee cup on the lectern... Not smart for a guy who's missing a colon.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Fristy. Smacked Down By Dems.

Way to go, Blue.

Fristy's "Health Care Week" is shot to ribbons. Heh.

This from Harry Reid after all three miserable pieces of legislation failed in cloture votes:
"To think with American consumers paying over 3 dollars for gas, with college tuition moving beyond the reach of many in the middle-class, with the Iraq war dead approaching 2,500, with immigration a security crisis unresolved, with our country’s deficit standing at 9 trillion dollars, with 46 million Americans lacking health care coverage, we are moving to bills that are unnecessary and go nowhere," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) .
"These two bills are put here as a result of the insurance industry and don't represent a serious attempt to improve health care or the civil justice system in our country."

Only A Blowjob...

The inimitable Doug Thompson sets the record straight on what the country really needs right now.

Good piece.

Macs and Voice Over Internet.

Just read something online today about the encryption applied to iChat sessions between Mac users. Fascinating stuff I've never really used, even tho it's always on my computer.

This, coupled with the fact that President Robespierre is paranoid about anyone talking about him, have me convinced that it's time to pull the phone out of the wall and go to voice over IP technology and/or do iChats from now on.

There is no way the president can justify what's going on with the procurement of all of our phone records.

No fucking way.

Being Well-Read.

I take (at least some) pride in being well-read. Which is why I'm posting this important spread of George Michael, asleep at the wheel, from the News of the World website.

Looks really attractive, don't you think?

See. You've got to keep up with what's going on in the world...


Life's a bitch when you lie in bed, not feeling well, and tend to sleep through the really good stuff.

Thankfully, there's Crooks & Liars, where I just caught up with President Al Gore's address to the nation Saturday night.

Time For An Investigation.

It's time, once and for all, for a large-scale Congressional investigation of the Bush administration's abuses of power.

The straw that finally crushed the camel, whose back was broken when the White House began outing CIA operatives as part of their plan to push people around, is the mining of trillions of phone calls to "recognize calling patterns."

This is absolute nonsense. In conversations with my techie friends over the past weekend, every single one said this would be absolutely impossible. There is no way you can identify anyone or what they're up to by a pattern of phone activity. Unless you're after something else.

Like spying on reporters.

Now comes the story from ABC reporters Brian Ross and Richard Esposito that high-level government officials have told them to get new cell phones - and quick.

How long before we start torturing or prosecuting reporters for reporting the truth about this administration?

Where does this end, Denny? How about some oversight, once and for fucking all.

Now You Know Where The Smirk Came From...

Send this sonofabitch to jail. ThinkProgress has a great snippet of Rove's latest "fuck you" to a straightforward question about his involvement in outing a CIA operative for political gain.


Note to local media who stop by here fairly often: Why don't you ask Mr. Speaker what he thinks about all of this next time he's in town? Beats asking him the same questions about how he likes living in the woods, and what his favorite color is...

Just sayin'...

Rove this Rover Like He's Never Been Roved...

Truthout has the inside scoop on the indictment of Karl Rove, likely coming today.

Gosh... Anybody wonder why the WH spent last Friday hastily arranging tonight's speech on National Guard deployment to "secure our border" with Mexico?

What the hell are these crazy fuckers going to do when Cheney gets sent up the river? Bomb Canada?