Monday, January 09, 2006

Hastert Attempting to Rig Leadership Vote.

This is as clear as can be. John Boehner is the choice of moderates? Don't count on it.

Boehner got his start with the Gingrich Gang in the early 90s. It's highly likely that Hastert encouraged him to run -- as a Moderate -- to split the vote. With the party split, it could signal Blunt's election to Leader. Enough Moderate Republicans would vote for Boehner, but it's likely more would prefer someone else.

As far as Boehner's credibility as a "clean" candidate for the job is concerned, let's not forget his ethics problems, dating back to his handing out tobacco lobby checks on the floor of the House while it was in session.

And then there's the Abramoff connection to his own PAC.

Blunt is Hastert's choice, to be sure. But the election of either Blunt or Boehner as Majority Leader means nothing will change.


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