Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Night Cock Pictures.

For BuzzFlash visitors, this is what we tend to do around here.

Because we're so fucking far out of the loop. And we're desperate.

Other blogs do "Friday Cat Blogging."

Well... They're pussies. We look at cocks of all stripes out here.

And besides, Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert has been our congressman for 20 years.

It's pretty fucked up. Really.

What Democrats Should Have Done Today.

Walked out. Simple.

Sometimes, walking away is the best way to say, Fuck You.

And in a stupid, political trap that says nothing more than "We spent a million dollars of taxpayer money today to hold a vote that traps the opposition party with the question: Are you with us or against us?" it should be a non-starter.

Question for Alison: Why don't leadership people recommend this on "trap" votes like this?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What No One Gets.

What no one outside this area really gets is that it's not what Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert owns that's near the Parkway.

It's what he owns that's not in the path of the Parkway.

This knife cuts in both directions. Go get it, Lynn. If you still have balls.

Hastert Family Values.

Since Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert now has his lawyers speaking for him whenever it becomes apparent that his dick has been run through the wringer again, I decided to seek the counsel of my own today before posting more about Tollgate Property.

Here's what I am allowed to say. The rest is left to intrepid reporters and watchdogs to uncover and/or reveal the details, which are none too kind to Mr. Denny Hastert.

It seems Mr. Hastert's uncle, who passed away last year, was not only known for owning a restaurant, but for a bit of gambling as well.

One Mr. Hastert, it seems, bailed out another, and in the process of said bailout, became an owner of a piece of property. A restaurant, as a matter of fact. The building was still vacant last time I noticed.

Since his debt was cleared, Uncle Don did not speak to the Speaker ever again. As far as my sources can tell, the Speaker declined to speak, as well.

Says one insider: "The last I talked to Don and Denny's name came up, he said he never wanted to hear from that no good son of a bitch ever again."

There's your family values.

An Open Letter to Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Mr. Governor,

Greetings again.

I have asked you numerous times from this venue to halt Dennis Hastert's "Prairie Parkway" plan, which has now been moved forward by IDOT. All the while, I have been careful to avoid making this seem like a vendetta against the Speaker.

While the rumors that Mr. Hastert and his business partners were involved in land trusts have for years been among the biggest open secrets in Kendall County, nothing was proven until news broke yesterday that Mr. Hastert is indeed personally profiting from land deals around the route of the Parkway.

My sources actually tell me there's still plenty more to the story.

That is why I am renewing my request today that you stop IDOT from any further work on the Prairie Parkway plans until all the facts can be sorted out.

Mr. Governor, we have a roadway sorely in need of expansion and improvement that's a better, more direct route for truckers who desire a better way to get from DeKalb to Minooka. It's called Illinois Route 47, and it would be a great place to start spending the $209 million Mr. Hastert earmarked for his favorite project.

The fastest growing county in the state needs its infrastructure expanded now. Route 47 is the place to start.

Thanks for your time.

Quiet Backroom Dealer?

Don't ask John Boehner to bet on it.

I was long curious about the "Tollgate Properties" item on Hastert's disclosures.

Last year, when Don Hastert, Denny's uncle, passed away, I went to work on it.

When I give you some of the details of how Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert came by this property in the first place, you will quickly see that this mild-mannered backroom dealer of quiet deals is one motherfucker of a businessman.

Even with family. More on that later.

RUSH: Tribune Nails Hastert On Land Grab.

This morning's Chicago Tribune has some bad news for Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert and his land-grabbing partners, stating the facts of his profit for land along the route of the Hastert Highway.

While Ron Bonjean poo-poos the notion that anything was going on, I found the Google search criteria on this visit curious as I checked the logs last night.

Perhaps, of course, someone was just doing a little research on how much land values have appreciated.

Well, not really. This looks like worry to me.

It's Love.

It is nothing but love that compells me to post this wonderful shot of chickenhawks Tony Snow and Dan Bartlett, both of whom appear to be on the verge of spraying vomit all over each other when they took their really cool helicopter ride.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Denny Hastert's MO.

The House is dripping with cynicism this morning after Denny Hastert's House Appropriations Committee Chairman yesterday approved a measure designed to be shot down on the House floor.

Why in the world would the House Appropriations Committee pass a measure to raise the minimum wage to $7.25 (the first measure of its kind from House Republicans in a decade)?

Because the House Appropriations Committee has nothing to do with raising the nation's minimum wage, that's why.

Democrats, however, have been given another plum, if they choose to use a line from the 2004 campaign playbook.

They can claim Republicans were for the minimum wage hike before they were against it.

Here's another good one.

Run a picture of Hastert's fat head profile juxtaposed alongside Eisenhower's with an American flag in the background. The headline: Republicans: Turning Minimum Wage Levels Back To 1956.

Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert: Posterchild for the lowest wages for Americans in 50 years.

Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Know that big, fat boost you got in your 401K this past statement, when you look at the reported earnings from Jan 1, 06?

Well, kiss that goodbye.

Matter of fact, we're headed back down to the scratch territory from Jan 1, 2000, really soon.

The MBA President. Good for the economy.

Quiet Backroom Dealer. Good for Congress. Gets things done.

The Grownups Are Back.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Denny Hastert (hearts) Merceneries.

That's why the payment and details of the great works of professional merceneries in Iraq is being kept secret.

To the tune of BILLIONS of your tax dollars. That's your money.

Because we have a Congress that says that's OK.


Between my new store turning into a hellish nightmare of technical snafus this past week, blogger going into a suicidal spiral on multiple days, this story about a judge getting shot today and the Attorney General of the United States causing a mass evacuation of Florida,* What the Fuck is this World Coming To?

*The last part is not yet verified.