Thursday, January 12, 2006

In Other News...

The Federal Government is giving you your money back!

Then the IRS is sodomizing little people again instead of going after the large-scale tax schemers. Hundreds of thousands of refunds frozen -- Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson says two-thirds of those who complained were entitled to full refunds. Oops!

Note: I am not at all surprised.

Mileage ratings will now be more realistic

Well, more or less. Sort of. If you've car-shopped lately and then been disappointed by the mileage after the purchase, you're not alone. If you're buying a hybrid (which now I see is not that efficient in climates where temperatures reach extremes in either direction) the government estimate will now be at its absolute worst.

Note: When you check out Consumer Reports mileage estimates, look at what they got in their test. It's always shockingly different (lower, you think?) than the City/Hwy sticker. Believe those guys. I've never bought a car that got anything close to the median of City/Hwy. It's usually right around the City figure over the long-term.

Toyota is Kicking Detroit's Ass Again.

Ford is still on Mars.

The article lacks its print counterpart's accompanying photo of a Ford executive proudly standing in front of its new "Super Chief," a big fucking concept truck that's said to be the centerpiece of their plan to dominate market share. Brilliant.

Well, not really, but the car buffs are drooling over its interior. Which, you know, is the really important reason one buys a big God-Damned truck.

Oh, yes. There's this laughable bit:
    Running on hydrogen, the supercharged V-10 engine provides up to 12 percent fuel economy improvement on an energy equivalent basis versus a non-supercharged gasoline V-10 – and nearly 500 miles per fill-up. In addition, when operating on hydrogen, the Tri-Flex V-10 generates 99 percent less CO2 emissions than when running on gasoline.
Note: I am not impressed by anthying increased by only 12 percent, unless it's my annual God-Damned salary. And CO2 emissions reductions? That's what you would expect from Hydrogen, stupids.

Boy, if we had some oversight in our government, and we really had the nerve to regulate the industry...

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