Friday, September 15, 2006

Return of the Unremitting Asshole.

I concluded long ago that Tony Snow is an asshole, but never did I actually believe that he was as fucking bananas as the rest of the Right Wing nutzoids out there.

To have George W. Bush stand up in front of a crowd of reporters now, more than at any other time (especially with Bush's recent admission of secret CIA global torture operations, and his insistence on creation of new law to allow him to legally move forward with ambiguity), presents a simple mathematical equation:
Bush > Stupid.

The president's treatment of the press is usually capricious, and at the least, harsh and dismissive. Today, however, it is clear that George W. Bush is nothing more than an uremitting asshole; a doltish and cavalier prick; a lazyspeak ne'er do well who is so unhappy with himself that he must constantly lash out at others until his energy is gone.

He talks in circles. His lazyspeak "ta" when he means "to" is indicative of the kind phoney, rich Connecticut-prep-school-boy-turned-Texan that he is. His treatment of the press, in general, and of NBC's David Gregory in particular, is so far removed from what a President of the United States should be... words now fail me.

Here's a tip to Tony Snow: the next time you want to put the president in front of a camera, just call each member of the press in your little rolodex and simply tell them to sit the fuck down, go the Hell home and fuck off. You don't need them. And you don't need the public seeing this dry drunk pretending to be a leader any longer.

There's no room for more questions about why this dolt's public ratings are sinking like a kamikaze over an aircraft carrier.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A New Hope.

Catching up on the events of the past few weeks, I came across an interesting video at Video Dog.

As I say quite a lot, if you don't currently hold an online subscription at, get one. It's good stuff dished up regularly throughout the day and night.

I used to say that the day Matt Lauer turned into a fucking journalist, I'd probably start watching the Today Show again.

Well, when TV hosts like Matt Lauer start asking the president hard questions, actually pressing for answers -- to the point where the petulent object of his questioning starts jabbing his fingers at him -- I may just start giving NBC's morning show some of my time from now on.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Here's To A Great Lady.

Former Texas Governor, Ann Richards, is dead at 73.

You were so great, so loved. You will be missed beyond a simple expression of words.