Friday, March 10, 2006

Denny, Take A Clue From Faith Hill.

If Faith Hill says "Bullshit" in front of reporters, it must be bullshit.

Everyone knows how much you like to hide behind the image of your favorite Country & Western stars, because they're all "Red-Blooded, Flag-Waving Americans," right, Denny?

Read this and tell me the C&W is going to stay with your incompetent, government-hating "leadership" in November.

... What's that I hear?

Oh! It's the Congress turning over to Democrats, who will spare no effort to help fellow Americans.

If You Love Garbage...

And landfills, you'll love this meeting. ALL Kendall County residents should make a point to attend.

Kendall County is hold a public meeting to discuss plans for a landfill southeast of Yorkville.

Please plan to attend the following meeting, and send me info if you do:

Monday, March 20
7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church

If you are not aware, Kendall County is building homes on top of some the finest farmland in the world. Farmers are getting poor and tired. They're selling out to developers because they're just tired of being fucked over.

Please attend if you can.

Gale Norton Will Resign.

Ah, a spot of good news for a change.

I'm surprised that we didn't announce this at 8 p.m. tonight (there's still time to make that bet).

Gale Norton, one of the worst examples of public service in the history of the republic, having sold the mining rights of public lands, ushered in higher limits of noise and air pollution at our national parks... Ah.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well, Yah...but...

Duncan Hunter and others are bloviating freely about how "Americans should own and run those ports..."

Well. Yes, that's right. But it took these morons how long to come out with that "consensus," while doing a skillful job of keeping this story at the top of the heap?

Do you really think these fine fellows were going to put themselves in a position where we could say "they were against port security before they were for it!"??

Don't buy it. The latest word is that the ports will be turned over to a "private equity firm."

Hmmmm. Does "Carlyle Group" mean anything to you?

Cool! Another Record!

The U.S. trade deficit sets another new record, thanks to the leadership of our Republican-led Unified Government Branch.*

*The Unified Government, or "UG," is the new term for all branches of government under control of the Republican party.

Thank God! George W. Bush is our President! Thank Gog! Republicans (who just understand business better than Democrats, who always resort to "Socialism" to fix complex economic "problems" like the Great Depression) are in total control of our government and its economic policy!

Thank Gog! For our MBA President! Thank Gog! We'll finally be able to focus on things that really matter!

Like young girls getting knocked up and killing their babies.

April Fool's!

I just love breathlessly anticipated press releases and new product introductions.

That's why Microsoft's Really Big Announcement is like April Fool's Day three weeks ahead of schedule.

Can you say "Color Newton?"

Since I travel with a tablet PC that offers better performance, full size screen, longer battery life (um, and a couple other things that are real, and not Microsoft's current imaginary product line), I have one thing to say about this product:

You have got to be kidding me.

Is this supposed to cut into Apple's iPod success, or something?

Dubai Deal Dead?

Jesus! Who knows?

Look, it's taken Hastert's Appropriations Committee what... 2 weeks? 3 weeks to come up with this?

Somebody had better tell somebody:

We need a new Congress if it takes them that long to figure this one out.


My question still is this: What the fuck has Karl Rove been doing during that time the press has been falling all over themselves on this Dubai Ports story?

Ask Chickenhawk Hastert.

Where are the Chickenhawks like Hastert and Cheney when these stories are written?

Ever notice the writers never seem to find the time to ask questions about the Pat Tillman fairy tale spun by the Pentagon?

Not that I would expect a paper like the Aurora Beacon News to challenge Denny Hastert on anything except maybe an Easter Egg hunt tip, or maybe his favorite color.

Time after time... Well, OK. Between the two, they've given a half dozen in-depth interviews to Fox News and Friends, or Neil Cavuto in the past 5 years.

But no one is asking the hard questions. Where are our Chicago Tribune reporters? Hello?

Mr. Speaker: What about this fabricated Pat Tillman story? How do you think that makes the families of our soldiers feel, deep down? Who do you think is responsible? Why don't you and Nancy Pelosi appoint a Select Committee to investigate this further and make sure this never happens again?

What are the penalties for lying to the American public? Are there any at all in a case like this?

What if it were one of your boys?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What You Need Is More Tritium!

Oh, yeah. Get it in your water. Get it in your bloodstream. Get it in your reproductive organs.

It'll make you hot!

Dick Cheney and Exelon want you to have more Tritium in your diet.

It's good for you!

And of all the things that could accidentally leak out of nuclear power plants like Dresden and Braidwood (which would suck me onto the other side of the earth if they melted down) where tritium may have poisoned ground water for miles around, it's has one of the lowest risk factors!

OK. Actually, that last part is pretty much bull.

A "half-life of 12.3 years" means that if you survive the cancer it will cause IF YOU UNWITTINGLY FUCKING DRINK IT IN YOUR WELL WATER half of it will be gone from your tissue in 12.3 years. If you die, however, I'm not sure the number is the same, and there's actually a quite great risk of that.

Let's have a fucking party!

Then let's get the office of the Speaker of the House on this. This doesn't present a direct risk to his 192-acre wooded estate in rural Plano, but he should probably be tipped off.

You know, why it took a great Democrat like Ed Markey of MA. to bring this up, instead of The Fucking Speaker, or even that cocksucker (an actual cocksucker, it is rumored) Jerry Weller is just an unanswerable offense.

Hat tip to Karie.

I Am The Fox.

My sharp, and well-formed opinions have been dismissed by some of the new "Progressive" kids over at Soapblox/Chicago because of my anonymity, and that is a shame. My first direct answer to the question should have been a hint of who I am and what I represent.

I've had a hearty laugh that someone now believes I may be the former Dem Party chair in Kendall, Martin Flowers. Fact is, I don't even know the Flowers family. Never met them.

Truthfully, I've written to Flowers a few times and never heard back. I think that actually speaks to his credit.

But I know what I know. And I know who I am.

In the 1970s, a noble crusader in my home region who dubbed himself "The Fox" "gave it back" to corporate polluters of the Fox River by dumping their own toxic sludge in the corporate lobby, and plugging the factory waste pipes of the Dial Corporation's plant in Montgomery (which at the time, emptied its waste directly into the Fox River).

What's more, The Fox had a close-knit band of friends who aided and protected him. Many of them were local police officers, and many of the tactics they used should have landed someone in jail.

But The Fox served up my kind of justice.

It troubles me that many of the people who now live in the Southern Fox Valley don't know anything about that famous, secret crusader. Many who are jumping on the bandwagon of the local "Progressives" have no earthly idea who they're getting wrapped up with. It kind of all binds together nicely.

I have noted with more than one reporter who I've corresponded with over the past several months that Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense, was probably our most famous anonymous pamphleteer. When his identity became known, his opinions mattered far less to those who loved him for his other works, The Crisis, and Rights of Man.

He was excoriated for his religious views after publishing The Age of Reason and died deeply in debt. Today, his grave is empty, and the whereabouts of his bones unknown.

But read this, and tell me it should be scorned:
    "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
Now, I would never claim to be the writer Thomas Paine was. But that is damned good, even today (and damned demogogic, too.)

But if his identity had been known, the work would have likely never made history.

Had Paine been known, you may have found a letter to the editor from some colonial mouth-breather that retorted something like, "...and thus blew out of the affholle of Paine, yet again."

I have also mentioned more than once that if my identity were to become known, I would not be able to live in this area any longer. And my friends and acquaintances who know Hastert and have shared secrets with me would never be the same. So let's be careful.

I also enjoy, oh... living in verticality above ground and being able to keep my job. After all, Denny Hastert is an idiot, but the people he serves are dark-hearted, malevolent, vindictive bastards.

(Hello to all of you secretive, spying little cocksuckers out there, by the way)

And here we are. All of us blogging. Some of us showing our names with pride, others "hiding behind an anonymous handle."

I am an anonymous pamphleteer. Those of us who were on top of things when "The Internets" first exploded on the scene more than a dozen years ago kind of saw this coming. Today, however, Thomas Paine might become the victim of an attack on his bandwidth, or "outed" by some of the people I've seen coming to SB/C lately.

So enjoy me. Hate me. Read me. Use your senses. Just think about it. That's why I am here.

I am Thomas Paine. I am The Fox. I am every famous Liberal who has passed, not afraid to take up that designation. I am your conscience, and the conscience of all others who came before you, bearing down on you.

I hate the term "Progressive," when it's used interchangably for "Liberal." I hate cowards who are afraid to use the word that Ronald Reagan made you so afraid of: Liberal.

Say it. And remember this about this about Liberalism:

Do not stand at my grave and forever weep.
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and forever cry.
I am not there. For I did not die.

Raise Hell.

Please take a moment to call your Congressman and raise Holy Hell about President Bush's latest "Faith-Based Executive Order."

Better yet, since he doesn't represent his own district in the House, per se, call the Speaker of the House at one of his offices listed here and tell him that Homeland Security has no business getting involved in the Matthew Lesko Giveaway of Government Money to Faith-Based Organizations.

President Bush has cynically abused the Executive Order by allowing yet another government agency to give away your tax money to faith-based organizations, and is once again shifting more of government's Constitutional responsibilities to the churches.

Hastert's Offices
D.C.: 202-225-2976
Batavia: 630 401-1114
Dixon: 815-288-0680

Send Matthew Lesko to Congress.

You could get $65,000 to start your own business!
$100,000 to study arts management!
$250,000 to sell cosmetics!

Or if you're Judson College in Elgin, an American Baptist university, you could get $7.5 million of taxpayer money to build a new library.

Thank you, Heavy D!

Two things I'd like to make clear: Judson College has a beautiful campus, and as a young Baptist, Hell, I might have even gone there (but I wouldn't tell you all that, now would I?) and it's an excellent school. In fact, Judson is one of the finest colleges in the nation. And I certainly have no problems with federal dollars being used to start and promote green initiatives.

What I have big problems with are:
a) the fact that the federal government is giving $ million $ of dollar $ to Private Schools that are allowed to practice whatever policies they choose, and not necessarily, oh... affirmative action or anti-discriminatory ones, at that. (I have no evidence that Judson has ever done that, btw)
b) the fact that the federal government is giving $ million $ of dollar $ to Faith-Based institutions. Period.
c) the fact that neither you nor I have a say in this. Period.

Wonder what the Muslim community centers in the 14th District got last year from the federal government?

Oh, right. Never mind.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We Are A Nation of Sheep.

I know this will come as a big surprise to those who have read me before, but I've come to the solid conclusion that we have become a Nation of Mouflon Morons.

As I hate to bring cynicism and humor to bear on such a serious subject, I must tell you that I've been heavily influenced by two recent diaries by unagidon and Yoda.

Both look at the issue with humor, and I admire that. Both have become, in my view, welcome voices at SoapBlox/Chicago, and in the greater Blogscape-o-shere (or whatever we call this venue).

But both miss the point, which is that people simply don't care about things anymore until the issues are so large and looming so as to become insurmountable monsters, salivating devils drooling pools of santorum and carnage on their doorsteps.

Like that? I thought you would. We've become bloodthirsty monsters, as well. That's right. We are a nation of haters, eager to out, kill, maim, or otherwise utterly destroy those who are different from us. And why? People just see it as the easier choice.

That's why I shake my head in disgust when this President, and when this "Speaker" talk of "making the hard choices."

Killing is easy. Fuck it. I won't have to deal with it tomorrow. You're dead, asshole. I guess I showed you.

But you have to understand the very subtle difference between these two widely juxtaposed descriptions I have just given you. Denny Hastert is just Denny Hastert. I always use quotes on "J. Dennis" because I know it's an invented title, of sorts. I saw it coming. It's part of his power.

Denny Hastert is a mook. A tool. A lugnut. He's a man without an original thought. He was stripped of all original thought years ago when he was "made" by his original benefactor, Dallas Ingemunson, who is about to coronate his little Boy, Boy Ingemunson, as the next State's Attorney of Kendall County.

In that pact, you see, Denny Hastert agreed to strip himself down to the shell. That's what was needed to feed the juggernaut. They needed another affable front man. Like Reagan. Now, Hastert's no Reagan (Reagan was much worse), but that was the image that dealmakers above Ingemunson had for the future leaders of the party.

"Give us another mook... someone no one would think could possibly come up with the things we have in mind..."

Before being played by Ingemunson, Hastert couldn't even win a primary election in his home area. He was washed up after his first election. Ingemunson handpicked him to take the place of the man who beat him in the primary because the winner was diagnosed with cancer after he won.

No. The subtle difference I'm talking about is the difference between soul-less killers and sheep. It's really us and them (or "them and us," as it were).

The subtle difference is that "they" were chosen by their benefactors to represent power. And "they" are paid mightily.

Denny Hastert is paid mightily in the blood of American servicemen, for gleefully "doing the hard work" of allowing the President of the United States to usurp the power of the House Speaker -- and as a token, the House, in general -- in taking the nation to war.

Denny Hastert has been nothing but complacent in the face of grave dangers that present themselves to our nation, and to the Republic and our beloved Constitution.

He is paid in ransom money for selling out your future, and the future of your unborn children and grandchildren, by raising the debt ceiling and doing nothing to cut expenditures of our federal government except to punish poor people by cutting or eliminating programs that support their general well-being.

I was always taught that helping the poor was the Christian, compassionate thing to do.

Denny Hastert is nothing. He is less than sheep. He may be less than a rabbit of a man. But he is aided by power, and that power has mercilessly stripped the rest of us of our rights, our liberties, and our ability to travel freely at home and abroad without fear of invasive tampering with our private affairs.

Denny Hastert is for nothing unless it can be linked to the memory of Reagan; he will not violate the Reagan Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow republicans," but he has horribly violated so many of our Creator's Commandments to the Children of Israel.

The shameful, naked truth is that Denny Hastert is one of those responsible. And history does not forgive his kind.

In centuries past, he might as well have been Cromwell or Robespierre. But his punishment will be retirement with full benefits and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in pension. At my expense and yours.

But what is the answer? I really do not know. Today is a dark day, and I feel immobile.

I feel immobile due to the Sheepization of the Nation. No one cares about these things. There are too many other compelling dramas that are right up close for each and every one of us. My gas bills are outrageous. My furnace, which I've noted elsewhere is beginning to sound like a b-52 taking off, will soon cost me thousands of dollars I just don't have.

And we are a nation of sheep.

We would rather have the answers given to us, no, read to us, or demonstrated in a video presentation, so we don't have to read anymore. We don't have time. Many of us are working two jobs. And when we're not working, we're wondering where the next dollar is coming from.

It is said that our nation's workers are at 1989 wages. Mine certainly are. I was shocked when I read that for the first time. For two seconds, I was shocked, but realized that I am just like so many millions of others. Millions of sheep. Who do not have the will any longer to complain.

Many of us will awaken in the night. After an hour or two of silence and frustration, we'll turn on the television and see some complete and total asshole who is lying about the "power of calcium" tablets that cost $2 each that will ward off cancer and any number of other deadly, wretched things. We'll maybe flip the channel until it lands on something more believable. Perhaps science fiction, or some banal new $19 kitchen thingey that strains your pasta while killing germs that cause disease.

And that will put us back to sleep and we'll forget what's really troubling us, deep down.

We are in trouble.

The future turned totally black on September 11. It was made even blacker by this crowd, and Denny Hastert is just one of the mooks they keep around to try to keep us guessing about whether or not government is the cure or the ill. They've made it a black and white world, so those are your only choices.

And we are a nation of sheep, who fall asleep again and wake upon the sunrise. Only to find that the story is the same, the dangers among us are real, but they're not foreign. Nor are they foreigners. They're American dangers. And we are sheep who flock together to move together to the next place and spend our day eating and sunning... searching for shade in our idle while.

A brief respite before we enter the twilight. And again, the night.

As Hunter S. Thompson's great friend, the pudgy, nearly incoherent Samoan attorney Dr. Gonzo (Benecio Del Toro) might say: "As your attorney, I advise you to start drinking. Heavily."

At What Cost?

If we had spent this on a cure for cancer over the past three years, how far do you think we, as a people, would be today?

What if we had used that money to fund public education and create educational institutions that are, once again, the envy of the entire world?

What if we had given it to the scientific community to develop solutions for whatever it is that seems to be causing the glaciers to slough off into the sea?

What if we had allowed scientists to adequately study stem cell therapy, instead of pretending they were killing children to obtain their research materials?

What if we had just spent it on antique cars?

What if we had used a quarter-trillion dollars to line our own pockets to ensure that you and I are always in power.

Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert has had choices over the past three years. Going to war the way we did was not "hard work." It was the easiest thing to conclude

Wheaton College education. Master's program at NIU. Former history teacher.

Any of these credentials fit in with grand ideas like the ones above?

Would anyone like me to drive this point further?

I Am Heartbroken.

Dana Reeve has passed away.

What a horrible way to start this beautiful, sunny day.

The first thing I thought of was this statement, and the timing of her announcement.

A beautiful light has flickered out, and I may not even bother to post through moistened eyes today.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Hellooo! To My Adoring Fans...

working in the staff offices of the U.S. House of Representatives.

It's good you're dropping in. It's always good to see how mad a Pollack can really get when they're pushed over the edge.

Note the search key: 50 miles from the loop.

Duh... Try not breathing through your mouth.

Denny Hastert's America.

Is one where he will be personally responsible for transforming the 217-year-old grand tradition of the Presidency into the King of All Americas.

I just vomited up part of my lunch after reading this. This is probably the most compelling justification for removing Denny Hastert from the Speakership in January, and giving the majority back to Democrats.

Instead of fulfilling his Constitutional duties as one of the checks on power in our government, Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert is perfectly happy being a rich figurehead, instead.

Hello? Canada? I'd like to make reservations for 60,000,000... What? Frozen tundra? Not a problem.

Denny Hastert is Full. Of. Shit.

Like you didn't know that already, eh?

Here's what he told the press in NOLA during his Magical Mystery Tour of the storm-ravaged city last week:
...The speaker on Friday repeated his claim that his comments were misconstrued. "What I said was before you rebuild New Orleans you had better make sure that you don't put (residents) in harm's way. That's why we're here, and that's what we're doing," he said.
Now, I have a pretty piss-poor memory, especially when there are distractions, like there were (undoubtedly) all around Heavy D and the Boyz last week in Fat City.

But here's what the lying sonofabitch really said:
"It looks like a lot of that place could be bulldozed," the Illinois Republican said in an interview Wednesday with The Daily Herald of Arlington, Ill.

Hastert, in a transcript supplied by the newspaper, said there was no question that the people of New Orleans would rebuild their city, but noted that federal insurance and other federal aid was involved. "We ought to take a second look at it. But you know we build Los Angeles and San Francisco on top of earthquake fissures and they rebuild too. Stubbornness."
For the record, it was Ron Bonjean, the Mumbler's Mouthpiece, who told Newsmax (the source for the above) the following day what Hastert really meant when he implied New Orleans residents were stubborn, and that much of the place could be bulldozed.

Of course, as a Pretend Media Outlet, NewsMax was more than happy to write whatever Bonjean said.

I gotcha. He said bulldozed, when he meant "protect its citizens." So he was for bulldozing it before he was against it?

But wait... there's more from the Times-Picayune article:
...Neither of the House leaders indicated whether they will support President Bush's recent hurricane relief request for an additional $19.8 billion from Congress, which includes $4.2 billion to rebuild damaged housing in Louisiana and $1.5 billion for levee armoring and other storm protection measures. They weren't asked about the request because the group took only one question from reporters. Hastert declined more questions after being asked about his comments concerning the rebuilding of New Orleans shortly after the storm hit.

"We want to make sure that money is spent to the best advantage of the taxpayers and the people of New Orleans," Hastert said.
I see. So the billions wasted by FEMA so far on ice shipments to Maine and trailers sinking into the mud in Arkansas, and all the graft you slimy bastards have created with contractors is just like water under the bridge?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Denny Hastert's America.

This is an America where development holds power over the little people. Family farms are forced to sell their land because it's just no long feasible for them to work it, and deal with all of the municipal laws, once the land has been annexed to the cities.

I attended a number of auctions over the weekend (sorry about the absence, Dear Readers), and have been away from the computer until just a short time ago.

Farmers, tree nurserymen, and landowners have finally given in to the dream of Denny Hastert's friends. What a sad post I have to share with you. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to travel around Kendall and DeKalb counties to attend auctions of land (and property) that will soon be graded and excavated into new home developments.

Some of the finest farmland and tree stock is being transformed into homesites. It's terribly sad.

I took my camera along, but had to be very careful while attending the auctions, not to give myself away. I actually ran into someone today who asked if I read this (my own) blog. So the bottom line is that there are no photos I can post in the near future; perhaps some later.

The "family farmer" Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert had in mind when he pushed for the "elimination of the death tax" is a multi-millionaire. The people I met over the weekend are actually pretty poor. Many have lands that are giving them decent return only as land investments for the rich or as developments (for the rich).

What a wonderful world.