Friday, August 19, 2005


Ethically challenged Hastert to be investigated by the FEC?

Remember: it's not the influence-peddling, it's the illegal contributions from foreign nationals.

Let's see how much more Fat Boy hates Peter Fitzgerald after he gets hold of this one.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Great News!!

Gas prices are down to a low of 2.75 in the Oswego-Yorkville area!!

By the way, whatever you hear on the news is BS. That's up $0.25 in 10 days. Not $.06.

What We Have Here Is A Failure...

to provide appropriate governance and fiduciary responsibility. That is, for the shareholders, the employees and the public in general.

Radler is reportedly cooperating with Fitzgerald, which may bode ill for the other Hollinger miscreants, such as "Lord" Conrad Black, Big Jim Thompson, Henry Kissinger, and Richard Perle, all of whom had to have had some idea what was going on inside the Dark Lord's Hollinger empire.

Every one of these dirty sons of bitches should be sitting in jail. Got that Big Jim? Jail.

For the record, the hardest part of this (and Black and Radler likely were gambling on this all along) is that this will end up in the mind of simpletons as the government cracking down on the media. If so, this is the one case I can hold up and say the public should have the right to put someone in the public square and let everyone have their way with them.

Newspapers are the public trust, you assholes.

Freak Show

Run by a freak.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Denny Hastert's America

A couple of things to note.

1. Gas prices 2 miles from the Cat plant Bush and Hastert gladhanded at last week were under 2.50 during the visit. This was not related to the visit. It's just a fact.
2. The price at this station was 2.539 yesterday, 2.599 this morning, and was raised mid-day today as you see it (above)

Couple more thoughts to note:

1. Unless he's buying a new pickup more than once a year now, Denny's driving a nice white Chevy Avalanche.
2. Denny drives a pickup because, you know, he's a regular guy (who drives a $40,000 pickup truck).
3. A Chevy Avalanche get 16mpg on average and has a 31 gallon tank (I think Hastert's is 37 gal).
4. You and I fill up at 2.75/gallon and say, "Jeeesus Crimony!"
5. Denny fills up and says, "Fuck 'em... I got mine."

This is the guy who shamelessly arranged that lame photo op months ago at a gas station in DC announcing the push for the energy bill in the House. You know? The one that was supposed to help consumers?

Reality Check: The bill passed does not in any way, shape or form help consumers.