Thursday, April 20, 2006

Woman Interrupts Hu - Bush Press Conference.

An Asian woman was spirited away by Capital Police after attempting to shout down China's President Hu, the most powerful leader in the world.

While it appeared that most of the shouting was in Chinese, at one point the woman could be heard shouting in English, "President Bush! Stop him!" before being pulled from the press stand.

It took more than a minute for police to get to the press area to subdue the woman, who presumably gained admittance with press credentials.

As the shouting went on, the weakest, most petulant leader in the free world looked agitated, and at times, frightened by the disturbance.

Now, two questions arise from this, in my mind. One: Did she pick up Jeff Gannon's credentials to gain admittance? Two: Was the president repeating his infamout "My Pet Goat Moment?"

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