Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who I Am.

A number of people have written (sometimes quite emphatically, which I find very funny) asking me why I remain anonymous. Some have "demanded" (which is even funnier yet) that I reveal my identity. Some go so far as to call me a coward, or say I'm "getting all 'The Shadow'" on them when I say that I am "The Fox" of Kendall County lore.

Well, I've had enough.

While I refuse to get down in the trenches and respond to comments (which I have done in the past, and for which I still harbor some regret because it's petty) a number of Jim Birch Society members have revealed their sharp senses by asking the question: "Why do you remain anonymous?"

It's actually pretty simple. I enjoy a role as spectator in this "non-spectator sport" called politics. As I grew up, my desire to enter politics evaporated as every single Democrat around me was reduced to laughing-stock by hectoring, heckling mouthbreathers, the likes of whom now control every branch of our government (and likely will for the remainder of my life).

These mouthbreathers also formed a vast network that I refer to as the Moron Contingent in America, which comprises nearly 40% of our population, among whom many of my own family and friends waller in abject stupidity.

I also know people that I have written about, and I'm not talking about the JBS. This is a sideshow which irritates me greatly, which is why I write about it. I love to be irritated (as you can see right here).

And I know things. Things that would blow you away. Things that I'm pretty sure would get me blown away if I blurted it all out here. And I'm not kidding.

No "Shadow." No imaginary stuff.

The people who hold power today are ruthless motherfuckers. I make no apologies for my language. At some point, if Democrats don't get their heads out of their asses and start promoting concrete policy and unity, I won't even be able to use that language on the internets. Dennis Hastert is, as I've said, a good front man for these people because he's a lot less overtly motherfuckerish than a Rumsfeld, Rove or Gingrich. He's a good "coach," when you ask them, but they snicker behind his back because all he does is carry their water (for which he's paid handsomely).

So when I say that I am "The Fox," know that I am operating in that spirit, as I knew him well (and fuck you, Steve, by the way).

I could say, also, that I am Esperanza. Or Don Diego de la Vega. But I suspect that my Latino following (among whom the allusion would gain instant noteriety) is somewhat limited.

And when I say that I am your conscience, know that I want you to think and not be just another mouthbreather.

And when I say that I am Thomas Paine, know that I would have been Thomas Paine if the internets were around 235 years ago. I want you to understand how seriously I take this very serious and troubled world that we have become during my long life.

Bloggers are modern-day anonymous pampleteers, the likes of which helped fuel our American Revolution.

I have a lot of fun doing this. It is rather therapeutic. But I am also keenly aware that without their anonymity, my heroes faced real and dire consequences.

I could be a man. I could be a journalist. I could be a woman. Or maybe not. I could even be more than one person.

You will not know.

Readers are welcome to adopt their own handle or post anonymously in the comments. That's the beauty of blogging. Come one and come all. Morons, patrons, saints and sinners.

The Jim Birch Society will find its way. Or it won't. It doesn't matter, really. If it wasn't such a fucking freak show, I'd simply call it a sideshow attraction. But it just doesn't matter. The real object of my disgust is seated at the table of power, and he's fattened by eating your lunch and dinner every day. And you have no idea how much he's really consumed and how big he really is.


kpfarrer said...

You just made me laugh my ass off! You "know things" that would blow us away and that could get you blown away? Do you work under cover for the FBI too? Hey - you're anonymous so let's hear it!

By the way, spectators don't actively try to influence the outcome of local politics w/completely unsubstantiated gossip.

Your JB grudge appears to be entirely personal. Have fun.

If anyone wants to chat I'll be at www.pdckc.org.


Anonymous said...

no kelly that is john leasch and oh by the way word in from the daily planet a new endorsement just in green lantern is joining john in a caravan across the 14th district to promote abuse against fellow superheroes. Please be advised the evil Denny is out to foil their plan. Stay Tuned as we will keep you informed.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who makes me more nauseous, Hastert or Laesch. And as one anonymous to another, I KNOW YOU KNOW things that can get yourself or others blown away. People think just because they see it in the movies it doesn't happen in real life. HA! Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean "they" aren't out to get you.

Anonymous said...

And who, precisely, are "they?" Or is it a case of "we have met the enemy and he is us."

Anonymous said...

If you find this blog so offensive, why do you continue to lurk and make occasional offensive statements. Maybe you should just stay on the pdckc website. Group think seems to be the mainstay on that site.

The Evil Reverend said...

It's too bad that the memers of the Birch Society are such fucknuts that they will ruin any chance of a democrat being elected in Kendall County. I totally agree with HRC's need to remain anonymous. With known identity the discussion would move from the content of the posts to the illusion of that person's character or history.

Keep up the good fight.

And Kelly, please FOAD, Thank you.

UMRBlog said...

Wonderful, thoughtful post but, mang, jou shoulda held it for de Cinco de Mayo, mang.

Continued Success!

Upper Mississippi River Basin Blog

wpfarrer said...

This is post is directed at the two idiots who posted the last two comments.

Idiot #1 - This is a blog and it is not lurking if you comment under your own name in reply to a blog entry. May I suggest www.dictionary.com to improve your understanding of the english language.

Evil Idiot #2 - Profanity is the crutch of a weak mind. That being said, your comment to my wife to FOAD is totally inappropriate.

If either of you had a better candidate or a better idea then why didn't you do something about it? Instead of whining like a couple of spoiled 3 year olds.

Anonymous said...

I love the way the pfarrer's defend the other. Lesson to us mouthbreathers: In polite society, one does not defend themselves. They marry someone to do that for them.
Spoiled 3 year old!

wpfarrer said...

I wonder what your course of action would be if somebody was to insult your significant other, mother, or somebody you care about for expressing their opinions?

Kelly works very hard to keep her posts honest and productive, as she should being an elected public official. Fortunatly, I don't have to follow the same rules.

So you see, you don't need to marry somebody to defend you, you need to marry somebody to complement you.

Anonymous said...

Hey wild billthe third does she have your balls in her purse too.
Signed captain progressive

Anonymous said...

To William and Kelly sorry for the abusive comments this is a fun place to hash out arguments however that is going to far. Please keep stopping in after all it is imporant use all Democratic resources that we have for victory in novemeber