Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thank God George W. Bush Is Our President.

Remember that quote when you see that turncoat, hunch-shouldered little bastard Rudy Giuliani on the campaign trail over the next couple of years.

Isn't this a lovely picture? It comes with a great story, too.

Thank God Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert is looking out for the pocketbooks of Americans (who can easily afford gas that's $2.80/gal). I can see him now, ready to spring into action... once the price goes to $3.30, like last time.

And what did we get with his call for action? Nothing. Like always.



BrianG said...

Don't worry Ray LaHood is going to ride to the rescue with a windfall profits tax. He's engaging in "class envy" over an oil man's benefit package. I guess the work two weeks take two weeks vacation is wearing him and Denny down.

Anonymous said...

This would be an issue John L should really help to promote his ideas of enegry policys.
Thanks for the formun,
Reasonable Progressive