Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hastert Wins Big! In Today's Headlines.

Normally, you could go months without getting a "news alert" on your cellphone or mailbox looking for the simple string, "hastert," in any news story. Really! Months go by! And mostly, I'm alerted during dinner, when the wires post their final stories for the early news digests.

Big fucking deal.

But today was like Monday morning chores on the old Laesch dairy farm in Bloomington, Illinois (where do you think all that delicious Oberweis milk comes from, eh?).

Get a load:

House Speaker Dennis Hastert Supports Legislation Protecting Dignity of Military Funerals
A story on the Chickenhawk's Chickenshit co-sponsorship of legislation that is the new wedge issue: a federal law that prohibits protest or disruption of military funerals at any time 60 minutes prior, during, and up to 60 minutes after said funeral.

O, Denny! How Heroic Thou Art!

Uh... Wonder how they're gonna enforce that? Gonna ban the press from reporting next, you fucking Nazis?

How Important Is the Quid Pro Quo?
An absolutely great, straight-to-the-point commentary by Steven Hill on what he calls the "Pyramid of Money" that influences the players in Washington.

A must read.

Reid and Pelosi: Spin Doesn't Change the Mean-Spirited House Republican Immigration Bill
From Hispanic Business, on the spin that made it look like Hastert and Frist would stop the Sensenbrenner effort to make all illegal aliens felons, punishable by a minimum 6 months in jail.

Hint to Dems on the ballot: When Hastert says "special interests" this is what he means. He makes it sound like Dems are supporting criminals. In fact, Hastert is denegrating support of middle-of-the-road Hispanics on a middle-of-the-road issue. Oh, yes. Another one that he has turned into a gigantic wedge issue.

I repeat: Wonder how they're gonna enforce that?

What to do about the budget
Actually, from, for Christ's sake. That's how fucked up the Republican party is today. The limp Conservative faction of the party is finally bitching at Hastert for not taking his corrupt Chairmen out.

The GOP's Budget Problem.
The Prince of Darkness's column focuses on Hastert's lack of control over the looneys who are running the government like a fucking craps table at Harrah's.

Obviously, Robert Novak is kidding. He has been in bed with these cocksuckers every step of the way.

Guess the FOX salary isn't as good as all the residuals from the shows CNN shit-canned out from under this unholy cretinous cocksucking motherfucker of a washed-up columnist.

Bob Novak, UCCMFW-UC

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