Thursday, April 20, 2006

An Idea That Will Work.

If you're like me (Gog help you, for one thing)... But if you're like me, you've probably seen this email a zillion times now.

It's another cock-a-mamie (have I spelled that right?) idea to bring down the price of gasoline, purportedly until it hurts Exxon/Mobil and BP so much they drop the price to $1.30/gal.

This latest half-baked plan has you avoiding "Exxon and Mobil" stations until they yield by lowering the price. Presumably, the genius author didn't know that Exxon and Mobil are as one. Or that BP is the largest petroleum whore selling in the U.S., followed by Exxon/Mobil, then Shell.

For one thing, that's not any better than the "National Don't Buy Gas Day" that went around last year when prices spiked.

Since we are looking at yet another national crisis under "the grownups" since they came "back to town," let's treat it accordingly and stop being so lazy and God-Damned stupid.

Here are a couple of suggestions that might take us in the right direction.

1. Our leaders should immediatly stop any and all talk of nuking Iran. From any perspective, this is simply. fucking. nuts.

2. Every executive at companies that employ more than 20 people should immediately stop production of whatever it is they produce and have a staff meeting. At said meeting, mandatory car pools will be determined by the employees and become part of scheduling by every manager within said company.

3. No one using their car for said car pool should even think about topping off the tank. At any station. Instead, put in 1-1.5 gallons less than what was consumed during the week. After about 20 weeks, we should be back in the cold season, and gas prices will respond to this uniform approach.

Just in time for our fucking gas bills to go through the fucking roof again.

Of course, by that time, we could be "hit again," or we could be shoveling mullah ashes into the back of trucks in suburban Tehran.

Jesus Fucking Crimony in a God-Damned Gasoline Tanker.

What will it take to get bio-diesel fuel and engines in production all over the U.S.? When will it finally be enough?

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