Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lobbying Reform Battle Lost Again.

As Denny Hastert resumes his pillage of the Capital City following a grueling, yet brief, 3-day tour of VietNam last week, and his lobbyist son prepares to take his father's share of the fatted menu upon "J. Dennis's" retirement in 2009, true lobbying reform is about to die in the House yet again.

In the lastest installment on the Little Speaker's Blog, Hastert closed with a pledge "Next week, 527 reform."

Oooooooo. Scary. Especially for all of us who are using 527s to skirt the tax and campaign finance laws, and support our overseas drug trafficking operations.

Let's get something straight: 527s are not the problem, you oafish dolt. People like you and your tribe of gluttonous, priggish
cannibals who have been turned loose on the public trust have derailed any form of fairness so that we'll not see reform as long as you're working the tables.

It's all a game to you, where you set up your offspring with the winnings once you've finally stuffed yourselves so full you have no choice but to leave the table.

If Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert wanted transparency, as he very clearly stated in 2004, he would disclose where every dollar of his campaign contributions came from... right now.

Here is a constructive suggestion for Democrats on how to start the debate. This one, simple illustration will make it clear to the public that Democrats not only "get it," but that they are the only ones in Congress who want real, lasting lobbying and campaign finance law reform. Let's call this "Line One: The Democratic Party Credo for 2006."

On Gifts from Lobbyists:

Democrats pledge to publicly destroy any and all prior donations and gifts from lobbyists that we're able to identify as having been received during Republican control of the House of Representatives, 1994-2006.

We're going to go to every single God-Damned congressional office and pick up every dirty gift given to Democrats and pile them up on the steps of the Capitol on the first day of summer break, and then do this (see left).

Then we're going to sign a pledge that we will accept nothing (Nothing. Zero) from lobbyists. Not one meal, not the fucking tip, not one anything.

Now, then. What did you assholes say about 527s going first?

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Gary Kleppe said...

Isn't it against federal law to (literally) burn money?