Monday, March 20, 2006

Why Ruben Zamora.

I am not disinclined to be an undervote. That's a ballot that has no mark or impression for any candidate in a given race.

There have plenty of times in the past where I just couldn't stand to vote for a name I never heard of, or one belonging to a terrible campaigner, just because the name had a "D" next to it.

Prior to the last election cycle, when a skinny young teacher put his life on hold to run for Congress because he couldn't stand to see Denny Hastert unopposed in the General election, I probably had skipped over 8 or 10 candidates.

That story about Ruben Zamora got my attention in 2004. I went to see him. I listened to his message. I liked him.

I feel pretty comfortable voting for Ruben Zamora again on Tuesday.

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Kankakee Voice said...

I hope you'll consider your vote cast for me also. I wish I could vote or both Ruben and Cegelis. Good Luck Ruben and Christine!