Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Buh-Bye, Buh-Boy.

Boy Ingemunson, wiped out in a misguided, miscalculation of a race (if ever there was one).

Once again, I point to the Incredible Dallas Ingemunson Machine that has been built around a charming little old man, and say, "This is the best you've got?"

The Dallas Ingemunson era is over in Kendall County politics.

Tom Cross will be your new target.

That's a tip for Dems who are now at the helm, in case you're still sleeping off the watered down pitchers of beer from the Grande Olde John Laesch Vicktoriee Celebration.

Jim Birch Society? Hello? You barely got 3,000 votes last night. That's fewer than Dems received in the last primary, which no one can say was due to the Presidential race... It was already decided by the time the Primaries rolled around here.

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