Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Democratic PCs in Kendall County.

My understanding of Precinct Committeemen is that they are the "ward bosses" of each individual precinct.

And the number of votes PCs garner in each precinct are the root level of our party system. Each vote is akin to a delegate vote at a convention.

At the township level, each township boss is elected based on the number of PCs he/she can swing. After that, the county chairman is elected based on the number of votes (or delegates, if that helps) each PC has.

Hence, a PC with 12 votes is rather weak compared to one with 112 (even one with 40 votes) when it comes time to elect countywide party officers.

With the vote totals I've already gone over, it would be a total waste of my time and yours to go into the math. It's pretty awful news. Quite awful.

Where, among all Republican PCs in Kendall received a minimum of 87 votes, and in the highest vote precinct, 320 votes to become PC, Democratic party totals are all lower than the minimum number of 87 it took to elect the "weakest" Republican PC.

Democrats elected their precinct committeemen with as few as 9 (nine) votes. The highest vote total for a Democratic precinct committeeman elected yesterday was 81.

Twelve Democrats voted for John Laesch to be their precinct committeeman, which means he would have very little voting power in the county organization, but could end up being a member of Congress. Hmmm.

There's no scale to judge these numbers, but I'm almost positive they are down quite a lot from previous totals. Why, would be anyone's guess, really.

There was a considerable delay in posting this one due to the fact that I spent a great deal of time looking for the 2004 Primary PC totals. If anyone reading this finds them (Sitemeter tells me there's been plenty of interest in the last couple posts) please post in comments or email them. I would be interested, as it seems to me the totals were much higher last couple times out.

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The Evil Reverend said...

The vote was WAY down across the entire state. Kendall County Dems are no exception.

An interesting side note:

The leader of the Birch Society was in the Oswego 7th precinct stumping for his boy "ren" (does that make Jim "Stimpy"?)with a full blitz the weekend before the election. This is wierd since Mr Birch lives on the other side of the county. The good news is the "Ren" lost. Who to you may ask?

Martin Flowers.


Perhaps if Stimpy had spent his time trying to increase the voter turn-out instead of taking on a personal vendetta the numbers would have been slightly better. And the new wonderboy of the regressive council only had 12 voters turn out? The society needs to figgure out basic politics soon if they want to actually lead the party.