Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Undercurrent in the Kendall County Undervote.

You don't have to be a genius to figure this stuff out, but when you consider the large Moron Contingent right here in Kendall County, allow me to spell out what happened in Kendall County last night.

When it was over, there were 13,131 votes cast in the Republican Governor's race, which went to Oberweis in Kendall.

There were right around 1,000 undervotes in the Lt. Governor's race.

What was most telling (and allows me to put it all together) is the undervote for Hastert.

Of the 13,490 Republican votes cast yesterday, there were just over 12,000 cast for Heavy D. Forget the "write-ins." No Republican in Kendall County came out of the booth yesterday without voting for their "Coach." Not one.

So the write-ins were likely all crossover voters from the Dems, who likely only "walked across the line" up to foil Boy (which really didn't matter in the end). Ingemunson would have lost his race without the switchers.

You're looking at right around 1,500 Dem voters who meddled with Dallas Ingemunson's Boy, which was foolhearty.

Overall, the results are, well, pretty terrible for Democrats in Kendall County. And the poor showing is not at all likely the result of the former party leaders, who I'm told bowed out due to the Mary Flowers's poor health.

So let's look at the adjusted totals, once you factor in the switchers.

Out of 17,589 ballots cast (a pitiful 34% turnout), 13,490 (76.7%) were Republican ballots and a less-than-miserable 3,278 (18.6%) Democratic. Move the 1,500 switchers over and you have now barely achieved the 50MO Miserable Rating™: A Whopping 27.2% of the overall Primary voters were Democrats, compared to about 68% Republican.

Wow. Barely Miserable (26-32%) and not quite Pitiful (33-38%). The next level, btw, is Respectable (39-41%), which I don't think we're going to hit in the General election, unless Hastert is indicted for something (not likely).

So you can keep score at home, 42% gets you Telling, and 45% gets a Holy Jesus.

Now, one could easily make the assumption that the Democratic ballot did not present any clear, compelling reason for Democratic voters to get out yesterday. Not true.

The Laesch-Zamora race was reason enough, even if people made the assumption that Laesch was going to win because he actually had money for signs. And there was quite a bit of talk in the county about the two young men.

You can read the Beacon-News story about the other countywide races, neither of which were surprising. No need to hash that out here. Hastert stepped in for Ingemunson in that one, and the two Dems were unopposed. No one was contested in the other district, so it's not even worth the mention.

And what, pray tell, is left? Oh, the big stuff. The Vaunted Precinct Committeemen that Mr. Laesch and the Jim Birch Society worked so hard to put together (that was a joke).

More to come.

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