Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Message From Ruben Zamora.

I don't think anyone should consider this the "final word" from Mr. Zamora.

The man has class. And moxie. And he's credible. That's a winning combination.
Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am grateful to so many of you that joined me on this fantastic trip called politics. Our campaign for Congress is over, but I want to leave you with a few thoughts.

I know that "WE are the ones WE have been waiting for." In the grand scheme of things, we took on a challenge (politics) that so many complain about but are unwilling to do much more than complain. They get on the blogs; talk tough, but not much more than that---tough "talk" is cheap.

With your help, we helped keep the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars on the front burner in this district. We formally came out for impeachment proceedings in a Batavia forum; we talked about Universal Healthcare everywhere; we spoke out for Peace and for bringing our troops home; and we reached out to a marginalized core Democratic base: Latinos and African-Americans. We succeeded in bringing these issues to a conservative district that needed to hear them and will now have to deal with them. I am so proud of my supporters. We are shaking things up.

Our work is still not done. I pledge to become more involved in true immigration reform by opposing the Sensenbrenner Bill, racist groups like the Minutemen and instead, support the Guttierrez and McCain/Kennedy Bills. I will continue to advocate ending hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will continue to oppose NCLB and fight for fully-funding education. I will continue to seek oil independence by supporting renewable energy sources. I will continue to fight for those who have given up hope. I am not done.

I will make myself available to groups who are fighting for these same issues, but know that I will first secure employment as a teacher, and will work to reintegrate stability and a sense of normalcy back to my family. I lost valuable time with my boys and Nadia running for office. They put on a courageous face, but it was hard. It was hard on all of us.

There were times when I could have gone “negative” against my opponent, but I refused to run a campaign that distracted from the issues. It didn’t seem a problem for him or his supporters, though. I am a man who accepts winning or losing. I lost. I extend my congratulations to John. I will not participate in politics in the near future. I need to concentrate on my family.

I want to thank so many people, and please know that I do not mean to leave anyone out. My team was up to the task; it just didn’t pan out. I apologize if I let them down.

This race is dedicated to the people of this district and the younger generations who will take leadership positions in the future. My “sage” advice: Be true to yourself. Be yourself. Fight for others as if your life is in the balance; and when you fight, fight like Hell!!

Thanks to all of you. I will continue to be voice, a passionate voice, for those in need. I am so grateful, once again, for your prayers, your contributions, your votes, and most importantly your trust. I hope I will continue to have your trust, prayers, and friendship.


Classy. That's a superlative message from a man who was backed into a corner and fought back with everything.

Unfortunately, everything included all of his cash, which led to his defeat.

Best wishes to a classy young man with a very bright future.


Kankakee Voice said...

Well said. Duckworth and Laesch, just two more cogs in the MSD machine of coporate corruption, but "just a little less evil" then their republican counterparts.

Anonymous said...

hey know kankakee i dig your writing and you sound hot. but please dont put tammy duckworth in with that GEEK JOHN LAESCH you have to have friends with DCCC and besides he was openly backing cegilgis in the primary along with his veterans. So to be truthful the fighting democrats have nothing do do with the man who has problems with reality thank you and again kankakee please keep wrting