Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hastert Wins Two County Board Seats.

Now, don't get all silly about how it's a good thing (since his ass is so big, you know, he needs two). I've given this news story about the Republican race on the Kendall County Board some thought. I don't think there's anything more pathetic than what's going on here.

If you can't exactly read between the lines, here it is for you in detail.

The Speaker of the House actually felt he had to get involved in countywide politics in this Primary race in order to get his favorites elected. He's done it before, of course, and has had the same mixed results he had this go 'round.

But now it's different. Hastert, it's widely known, went against the wishes of Mrs. Hastert years ago by serving more than one term as Speaker. Now, it's pretty clear that he'll retire at the end of this term and turn the entire, gigantic mess he and Gingrich-DeLay-Bush-Fristy have created over to someone else (Tommy Cross, hint, hint).

So it appears now that Hastert has nothing better to do with his time during Primary season than shill for little Boy and his county board team. Well, think about it.

His two candidates, Martin and Purcell, were and are avid supporters of his highway plan, which will eventually mean big money for him and his monied backers, as soon as they pull the covers off the land trusts they've invested in along the route of the highway plan.

Now, that's pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

Remember the last S/A's race? The Party candidate los as the Clerk of the Circuit Court!
Boyd wants to be Governor!