Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why Oversight Is So Vitally Important.

If this story does not shock you into some level of rage, you should have someone take your pulse.

And who would one blame for such a horrible lack of funding, stategic planning and oversight?

Hint: Think 300 pounds, red face, always pushing his glasses up... Well here's a clip to remind you. (Warning: Get several drinks lined up. This will be the longest 41 minutes of your life if you watch and listen to the whole clip.)

But who else is to blame?

These fine "folks" should all line up in single file for the honors on this one:
The House Ways and Means Committee
The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
The House Homeland Security Committee
The House Committee on Appropriations

Why four years after 9/11/01 we don't have an adequate, secure information infrastructure for FBI and CIA is a question that has no reasonable answer.

We can, however, all agree that it's nothing short of criminal negligence.

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