Sunday, March 05, 2006

Denny Hastert's America.

This is an America where development holds power over the little people. Family farms are forced to sell their land because it's just no long feasible for them to work it, and deal with all of the municipal laws, once the land has been annexed to the cities.

I attended a number of auctions over the weekend (sorry about the absence, Dear Readers), and have been away from the computer until just a short time ago.

Farmers, tree nurserymen, and landowners have finally given in to the dream of Denny Hastert's friends. What a sad post I have to share with you. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to travel around Kendall and DeKalb counties to attend auctions of land (and property) that will soon be graded and excavated into new home developments.

Some of the finest farmland and tree stock is being transformed into homesites. It's terribly sad.

I took my camera along, but had to be very careful while attending the auctions, not to give myself away. I actually ran into someone today who asked if I read this (my own) blog. So the bottom line is that there are no photos I can post in the near future; perhaps some later.

The "family farmer" Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert had in mind when he pushed for the "elimination of the death tax" is a multi-millionaire. The people I met over the weekend are actually pretty poor. Many have lands that are giving them decent return only as land investments for the rich or as developments (for the rich).

What a wonderful world.


Anonymous said...

As we move towards the primary the objective of the party is to move forward. hrc thank you for supporting democrats you make me laugh and you have such great insight. I will be voting for the first time since I just turned 18. I was a voulnteer with John Laesch however after attending a function on sunday where both john and Ruben were. Ruben stoped in said a few words and left to go back out on the trail. that said allot to me. So I also see allot people with in the campagin getting tired of all the false hope that john like to preach. I love the progressive movement and I love my country to much to hand it back over to the republicans. so I am taking off my John button and putting on a ruben button. because if change is going to happen then lets back a man who has the teaching of lifes lessens and the experince to lead by example GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ruben

The Evil Reverend said...

I've known Ruben from his last campaign. Ruben truly has a message and wants to serve the people of the 14th district. On the other hand, John "Leash" (since his is being held by the Jim Birch Society) only wants to be Mr Important Big Shot.

I'm already embarrassed to say that I live in the 14th thanks to Heavy D. Mr Leash and the regressive council only seem to make it worse.