Friday, March 03, 2006

America Is Safer For This.

More fun and games from Michael Chertoff's Laugh Festival and Clusterfuck Central.

You may not know it, but a low credit rating can also put you on the TSA Watch List. Permanently. I talk to people who travel all the time who either don't know how fucked up the system is, or they've been "watch-listed" and have been told, basically, it's none of their God-Damned business why or how their name got there, and that they shouldn't ever expect to be able to do an e-check-in at the airports. Ever again.


I also think we should start rounding people up at the airports who, you know, "look funny." You know what I mean. Disappear 'em.

Remember: These things will never happen to Americans unless they're with the terrorists. Those who don't break the law have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

HRC Just in from fighting Democrats. The Man of the year is going to activate the Paul Revere squad and enlist the help of the civil war renactment brigade to watch over our nations ports. Shouting Denny's Comming Denny Comming