Tuesday, March 07, 2006

At What Cost?

If we had spent this on a cure for cancer over the past three years, how far do you think we, as a people, would be today?

What if we had used that money to fund public education and create educational institutions that are, once again, the envy of the entire world?

What if we had given it to the scientific community to develop solutions for whatever it is that seems to be causing the glaciers to slough off into the sea?

What if we had allowed scientists to adequately study stem cell therapy, instead of pretending they were killing children to obtain their research materials?

What if we had just spent it on antique cars?

What if we had used a quarter-trillion dollars to line our own pockets to ensure that you and I are always in power.

Denny "J. Dennis" Hastert has had choices over the past three years. Going to war the way we did was not "hard work." It was the easiest thing to conclude

Wheaton College education. Master's program at NIU. Former history teacher.

Any of these credentials fit in with grand ideas like the ones above?

Would anyone like me to drive this point further?

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