Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Send Matthew Lesko to Congress.

You could get $65,000 to start your own business!
$100,000 to study arts management!
$250,000 to sell cosmetics!

Or if you're Judson College in Elgin, an American Baptist university, you could get $7.5 million of taxpayer money to build a new library.

Thank you, Heavy D!

Two things I'd like to make clear: Judson College has a beautiful campus, and as a young Baptist, Hell, I might have even gone there (but I wouldn't tell you all that, now would I?) and it's an excellent school. In fact, Judson is one of the finest colleges in the nation. And I certainly have no problems with federal dollars being used to start and promote green initiatives.

What I have big problems with are:
a) the fact that the federal government is giving $ million $ of dollar $ to Private Schools that are allowed to practice whatever policies they choose, and not necessarily, oh... affirmative action or anti-discriminatory ones, at that. (I have no evidence that Judson has ever done that, btw)
b) the fact that the federal government is giving $ million $ of dollar $ to Faith-Based institutions. Period.
c) the fact that neither you nor I have a say in this. Period.

Wonder what the Muslim community centers in the 14th District got last year from the federal government?

Oh, right. Never mind.


Anonymous said...

So that is where we know John Leasch

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