Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What You Need Is More Tritium!

Oh, yeah. Get it in your water. Get it in your bloodstream. Get it in your reproductive organs.

It'll make you hot!

Dick Cheney and Exelon want you to have more Tritium in your diet.

It's good for you!

And of all the things that could accidentally leak out of nuclear power plants like Dresden and Braidwood (which would suck me onto the other side of the earth if they melted down) where tritium may have poisoned ground water for miles around, it's has one of the lowest risk factors!

OK. Actually, that last part is pretty much bull.

A "half-life of 12.3 years" means that if you survive the cancer it will cause IF YOU UNWITTINGLY FUCKING DRINK IT IN YOUR WELL WATER half of it will be gone from your tissue in 12.3 years. If you die, however, I'm not sure the number is the same, and there's actually a quite great risk of that.

Let's have a fucking party!

Then let's get the office of the Speaker of the House on this. This doesn't present a direct risk to his 192-acre wooded estate in rural Plano, but he should probably be tipped off.

You know, why it took a great Democrat like Ed Markey of MA. to bring this up, instead of The Fucking Speaker, or even that cocksucker (an actual cocksucker, it is rumored) Jerry Weller is just an unanswerable offense.

Hat tip to Karie.

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