Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ask Chickenhawk Hastert.

Where are the Chickenhawks like Hastert and Cheney when these stories are written?

Ever notice the writers never seem to find the time to ask questions about the Pat Tillman fairy tale spun by the Pentagon?

Not that I would expect a paper like the Aurora Beacon News to challenge Denny Hastert on anything except maybe an Easter Egg hunt tip, or maybe his favorite color.

Time after time... Well, OK. Between the two, they've given a half dozen in-depth interviews to Fox News and Friends, or Neil Cavuto in the past 5 years.

But no one is asking the hard questions. Where are our Chicago Tribune reporters? Hello?

Mr. Speaker: What about this fabricated Pat Tillman story? How do you think that makes the families of our soldiers feel, deep down? Who do you think is responsible? Why don't you and Nancy Pelosi appoint a Select Committee to investigate this further and make sure this never happens again?

What are the penalties for lying to the American public? Are there any at all in a case like this?

What if it were one of your boys?

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