Saturday, February 25, 2006

Like Pastors at the Whorehouse.

While I've also been working on this story with a Kendall angle (and there's little info to be found, since the county treats public information like the White House once treated classified documents), I don't think there's been anything better done that what my good friend, Karie, has posted at SoapBlox/Chicago.

An excellent post.

Follow some of the links to see how well she's researched this, and tell me you're not outraged that your tax dollars are being used like a pastor who takes your money from the collection plate to visit a whorehouse. This is even worse; it's like paying the pastor and the church elders to bring whores into the church.

What's more, it's a new form of taxation that is closely related to money-laundering, graft, and various other felonies.

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