Friday, February 24, 2006

Freedom Is On The March.

Here's a thought for Heavy D and the Boyz. How long are gonna keep fucking around with this before we have things completely broken over there, without the ability to even help?

Reminds me of a funny joke.

God takes his son out golfing on Sunday afternoon. On the first tee, God is looking out over the green, getting ready to take his shot when an eagle swoops down and grabs the ball.

The eagle soars off in flight, whereupon God darkens the skies at once, raises his arm and points at the eagle, waits a moment, then at his command sets off a charge of lightning that strikes the eagle from the sky. As this happens and feathers flutter down everywhere, the golf ball drops from high above directly into the cup.

Seeing this, Jesus simply rolls his eyes and speaks up.

"So, Dad... You gonna fuck around all day or are you gonna play some golf?"

A minister told me that joke. No kidding. Isn't that great?

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