Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spread The Fear. Feel The Fear. Taste It.

Eric Zorn posted a link to this piece from the ultra-right London Daily Telegraph (formerly owned by the publishers of the Chicago Sun-Times, whose top executives were recently indicted for allegedly stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the company over the past several years) in yesterday's "Land of Linkin'" (where I have not yet appeared, Mr. Eric).

I realize that Zorn rather comically introduced the piece with a Scooby Doo "Ruh-Roh..." But I think more should be said about it.

The problem I have with the survey, which states that "four in 10 British Muslims surveyed" want to establish some sort of Muslim law in Great Britain, is that it doesn't state info about its sampling methods. And while you will find in the article that the Telegraph contracted surveyor, ICM, queried some 500 Muslims, it doesn't say where, and it doesn't mention that there a more than one million Muslims living in London, alone.

Further, the CIA Factbook estimates that only 2.7% of Great Britain's population of 60.4 million is Muslim. Another interesting fact is that 1.3% of its population is Pakistani. So where are these 500 samples drawn from? Predominantly Pakistani neighborhoods? Where is this sample, that's representative of just three-hundredths of one percent of the 1.631 million estimated Muslims living in Great Britain?

I just don't buy it.

Look. We're dealing with a very tiny percentage of the Muslim population that's gone Bat Shit Crazy, as I've earlier pointed out.

To respond to the crazy effigy-burning, chanting, stark-raving fucking lunacy of this group of gangsters would be like responding every time Pat Robertson said something crazy. It happens every day.

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