Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Three Things Kendall County Doesn't Need.

The outside money that has been gushing in at the Boy Ingemunson HQ (it's his father's law office) is obscene.

While I realize that Kendall County, with its fantastic growth, is going to bound to be teeming with political contributions from outsiders wishing to peddle their influence to the heirs of Kendall County power, there is nothing stopping it.

Boy's campaign reports they spent more than $45,000 on signage alone, which one would not reasonably expect from someone who should enjoy great name recognition. He is, after all, the youngest son of a man who is known as the Kingmaker in Kendall County, and a former 20-year State's Attorney.

But the wide-eyed (and fat-faced) Boy Wonder feigns wonder at the need for speed and cash in today's political world.

Look, kid. Here's a hint. If it weren't for guys like your dad, you would be right. There are three things we don't need any more of in Kendall County: More outside money, more corruption, and another Ingemunson.

Actually, I guess that's just one thing...

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