Thursday, February 23, 2006

Interesting Reading.

Since the news today is a complete joke (Diane Sawyer and ABC went on and on about how Little Franny's announcement and the "17 Lessons" mean there's going to be big changes coming soon), I've been spending some time in the silence reading the visitors reports that I get for 50 Miles Out. It's not only interesting, it's fascinating.

I see, for instance that my little buddy, Clint Raulsten, the fired former campaign manager for John Laesch is still coming around. I won't say how I know it's Clint (even though no one else's visits are so obvious, like they don't include your name or anything). It is nice to know, however, that my blog is being visited by the dumbest white boy ever to use a computer.

There have been rumors that Raulsten has moved on the the Cegelis campaign, but I hope not for her sake.

A surprising number of people got here after Googling the string, "bush dirty lying cocksucker." Who would have guessed that?

But the most interesting is the number of hits that I get from people searching for "lobbyist Dallas Ingemunson." Now, THAT, I find just fascinating. Why, it's almost as if someone thinks we Liberal bloggers may have noticed something...

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