Monday, October 03, 2005

Young Ingemunson Entering Political Scene

Anyone who's anyone in the area knows all about Dallas. Not Texas. Ingemunson.

He's the guy who got behind a big lovable lug named Hastert way back in the Reagan years, and, presumably following the Reagan-made candidate mold (putting the affable lugs up as the front men for the schemers and dirty dealers) propelled "the Coach" from a position of not being able to win a primary race, to one of power and influence. Or the appearance of it, anyway.

Presumably, the antique auto collection grew considerably during that time (but, you know, every high school wrestling coach from Paw Paw to Coal City has 10 or 15 classic beauties in a rented building somewhere, right?).

I was aware of this, but since no Democrat has run for Kendall County State's Attorney since, I dunno, Prohibition, I wasn't paying much attention until I read a friend's email this afternoon. Here's a bit of it:
    ...So the dogs are still going wild when I open the door and this dweeby guy with a "Boyd Ingemunson" pin with a YELLOW ELEPHANT motif on it starts his pitch. Without letting him get more than a few words out, I told him I noticed the elephant on his pin, and that he could just save it. I wished him "a nice day" and closed the door.
First of all, how funny is the yellow elephant on his button? Talk about not being with it...

In the same message, my friend reminded me of a guy named Russell Baker who ran in the primary against Tim McCann a few years ago. When he brought up McCann's miserable conviction rate (something like less than 50% on felony cases) he was all but run out of town.

Without reprinting our email exchange verbatim, suffice to say we both wonder why in the world the local Democrats don't look up Russell Baker and get him to run as a Democrat. It only makes sense to have someone out there from now until next November. This one party county probably couldn't handle that, though.

Any Kendall County Dems might want to mention something at the next meeting.

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