Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush Drinking Again

In an effort to clarify something that I wrote yesterday, which prompted a record number of visitors to this blog, let me just say that if George W. Bush is drinking again, I just hope that Laura is again keeping a fresh pot of strong coffee on the stove-top at all times. And I hope he admits, once and for all, that the problem is not with beer, as he's said in the past. No pictures I've ever seen of his physique support that. And I've known guys with beer bellies in their twenties. No, no. It's strong stuff that can be sneaked.

With that said, I will also say that I'm alarmed at the huge number of visitors who found 50 Miles Out of the Loop yesterday as a result of the search phrase, "Bush drinking again." What's more: they came from government offices in Illinois and DC, from the military, and from religious organizations. Many of them also read other posts, so I'm grateful for the new readers. And, Hmmm... does that mean some of the Republican faithful are doubting their leader?

So, in an effort to recoup what must have been hundreds who couldn't reach blogspot sites for two hours last night (during Google's planned maintenance), I am attempting to blogwhore (via Google) another huge round of visitors with this post, as you can now see from the name in the heading.

I also believe he's doing something strong again. I've seen this behavior before. Big Thanks to Brother Kenya for the great photo.

Why does Denny Hastert hate the country so much that he would continue to hang on to this chemically dependent President?

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