Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush, Hastert-led Congress in the Toilet.

I think that's a generous assertion. And don't believe any tough-talking Texan who says he doesn't pay much attention to polls. They sweat these every single day. But how bad does it have to get before Junior and the USS Hastert get the picture?

This isn't fun anymore, this game you've been playing. It's tired. You're no good for us anymore -- We want our money back.

The latest CBS poll shows that only 37% of those polled give Bush a favorable opinion of the job he's doing. And that's the good part. 58% have an unfavorable opinion of the President (64% of Independents disapprove, and that's very bad for any Republican).

• 26% of the public says the country is on the right track;
• 69% say the country is on the wrong track;
• 32% approve of Bush's handling of the U.S. economy;
• 32% approve of Bush's handling of Iraq;
• 22% have "a lot" of confidence in the President's appointees;
• 10% believe the economy is getting better.

The news for Hastert and Congress, is less than dismal, although apparently none of these things matter to mule-blindered wonks like Hastert. Actually, that's not entirely fair, although Hastert is like a giant mule with blinders, and he is a wonk. Republicans don't care about polling on Congress because the opinion is usually piss-poor (since the Gingrich era began in the '80s), and Dems fare only a bit better.
    31 percent of Americans now approve of the job Congress is doing, and 57 percent disapprove. Approval of Congress has never been high, but since March it has been especially low, at about a third. And while most Americans view neither the Democrats nor the Republicans positively, Democrats fare slightly better.
But if you look at another poll (one with I tend to follow more regularly for a baseline number, rather than the CBS poll), the numbers are worse yet, at least as far as trend is concerned. Bush has been heading down into the swirl since the election. Congress, on the other hand, has been there scrubbing the throat of the bowl for some time.

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