Monday, October 03, 2005

"Hand-Me-Down" State's Attorney

In an effort to avoid a long post, I deliberately avoided a missive about the argument of whether it's a good thing or not that Young Ingemunson is running for his Daddy's old public payroll job.

Of course, it makes sense for a Democrat to run. That way, the campaign lasts about a year. Otherwise, with the local media the way it is, it only lasts about two months.

If Young Ingemunson's qualified, and presumably more qualified than some other contender, what the heck.

But I doubt it.

I know a couple of attorneys who would wipe the floor with this young, fresh-faced kid, but who won't run because they're "Republicans." Reagan Republicans, at that.

And here is why Young Ingemunson is running:
    Boyd Ingemunson is the candidate for Kendall County State's Attorney that has the strong vision, energy, and passion that will make Kendall County the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

    Boyd's vision includes:
    Safe Neighborhoods
    Safe Schools
    Keeping Gangs off the Streets
    Protecting our Seniors from fraud and identity theft
Swear to God: That's all there is in the section on Young Ingemunson's website about his desire to hold public office.

Why in the world can't Democrats in Kendall County find an attorney to take this Hand-Me-Down job away from little Boyd?

Maybe now is the time to talk to a guy in Plano named Russell Baker and see if he still has the fire in his belly to run for public office. As a Democrat.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Boyd Ingemunson papa.

- Dallas Egomunson Lawyer for Fox Metro District hires the contractors and engineers that line up to give Boy Ingemunson contributions -- maybe special interest?

- Why are expensive engineering studies done for the Fox Metro District that are competely unfeasible on the tax payers dime?

- Maybe these engineers and contractors are a good funding source for Mr. Egomunson political agenda?