Friday, October 07, 2005

Just Another Day at the Office.

Alleged money-laundering-former-Majority-leader Tom DeLay described the news last week as just another day at the office. Sure. When you're a criminal enterprise all on your own, an indictment by a grand jury on conspiracy and money-laundering charges is like a little deadline pressure before you can get out to lunch.

It was a pleasure to witness today's "day at the office," as Republicans (including DeLay), who thought they could ram a controversial energy bill down the throats of Congressional Democrats, faced a demonstration of power by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority whip Steny Hoyer. Democrats lost the vote by 2 votes, but wouldn't go quietly. And a process Blunt, Hastert and DeLay thought would roll through in 5 minutes took a record 40 minutes of arm-twisting.

Heh. Tough day at the office, boys? Hey, it's Friday. You're not going look any better than you did today, so let it hang out.

Have a donut and a cocktail on the Wal-Mart jet on your way home, Denny.

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