Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hastert Mentor Cheney:
Prepare for Decades of War.

Refreshing candor, considering his statements in the recent past.

Seems like only a few months ago, (right around the time that photo was snapped) Cheney remarked that the insurgency was "in its final throes."

And gosh, it seems like some time last summer Cheney was using despicable scare tactics to try to convince voters they had a chance to keep us from getting "hit again."

And here's some of the garbage that Hastert spouts, as a result of the mentoring from Big-Time Dick:
    “If there is any doubt why we are in Iraq, one must only remember the events of September 11th, when the terrorists attacked our nation. We took the war to the terrorists, rather than waiting for them to attack again. It was the right thing to do..."
I'll try to remember that (and this) when the first kid from Yorkville comes home in a rubber bag with a floor-length zipper on the front.

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